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Using The Law of Abundance

"To have a true abundance mentality is to believe that you are entitled to all the great things that life has to offer in the form of whatever brings you joy, fulfillment and happiness." - Dr. Steve G. Jones

One of the more difficult laws of success to understand is the Law of Abundance. The Law of Abundance says that there is no such thing as scarcity. In other words, there is more than enough for everybody to have what they want; all a person has to do is to participate with the universe and their true desires will be manifested.

However, people have a hard time with this idea. They look at their bank balance, which is limited, and go "I do not have enough." They look at their relationships, their careers, their living environment, and say "Where is this abundance you are speaking of? I don't see it."

The reason for their difficulty is that they have not manifested their desires. Since it has not happened yet, they figure their desires cannot be manifested, and they are stuck with what they have now.

The Law of Abundance is not about your present circumstances; it is about the potential of future circumstances. What you have right now is the result of your past thinking and actions. To use the Law of Abundance, you need to change your thinking onto what is coming, not what has arrived.

Activating the Law of Abundance requires three things on your part. First, you must be grateful for what you do have; this gratitude generates the positive energy needed for the universe to manifest desires. Second, you must focus on what you want, not what you have. What you have now is simply the current situation, and the current situation can change. Start thinking of the desires you wish to manifest, so the universe can determine what needs to be manifested. Third, have faith in the lawful behavior of the universe. Faith is the belief in what cannot be seen; you must have faith that the universe can and will manifest your desires.

Remember, the manifestation may not just appear. There may (and probably will) be actions you need to take to further the manifestation process. However, these actions will be made clear to you, as long as you are looking for them. As you start working with faith, belief, focus, and gratitude, you will begin to see the path to your desires, including the necessary actions.

Evidence for the law of abundance is all around us. Think of a tree, growing from a seed. The universe grants the tree the sustenance it needs and the tree adds manifestation to the universe. Think of the financial resources created by a company; the product or service generates income that did not exist before. Think of a child, born of the love of two people, who adds immeasurable value to world as he grows into an adult. The abundance of the universe is all around us.

Understanding the law of abundance is not about having everything you want right now. It is about believing that anything is possible, and that you are as worthy for success as anyone else. Believe in the universe, and the universe will provide.