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The Keys To Life Transformation: How To Go From Down And Out To A Wealthy Person


To attract wealth, one must first think they are worthy of wealth otherwise they can block their own path with thoughts of inadequacy and fear. It is not enough to desire wealth, but one must feel that they deserve it. That is one of the keys to obtaining wealth. People who have been conditioned to believe their race, economic status, environment or religion precludes them from having the ability to wealth, have a hard time attaining wealthy status. Years of conditioning from discrimination practices can take its toll. In many cases people who have been financially disadvantaged were limited in educational, employment and lifestyle opportunities because of the lack of exposure to things that wealth affords. Fortunately, there are those who overcame the adverse conditions by sheer will and determinism. This feeling of inferiority, when deeply ingrained, can be overcome through methods of counter mind conditioning exercises which settle into the consciousness and ultimately into the subconscious minds.


Money has its own energy field and to attract it, one must be in harmony with its subtle energies. Just like love attracts love and fear attracts fear, money attracts money both in the ethereal and on physical levels. So if, deep down inside you don't feel worthy or really believe you can have it, you will not attract it. If you do feel worthy but to a low degree, you may find your experiences with money flighty and inconsequential. You may get it but cannot seem to keep the prosperity channel open.

To establish a more solid connection to your mental state of worthiness and ability to attract wealth into your life, one good way to start is through affirmations and or supraliminal mind conditioning exercises. From a religious point of view, there are specific biblical scriptures, ancient spiritual writings, prayers, psalms and affirmations that lend themselves to positive mental transformation and when spoken daily, can work very well. Supraliminal mind conditioning exercises are another solution. It is the process of removing negative thought patterns and replacing them with good ones that will help reach desired goals. For every negative thought that is removed there must be a counter thought to replace it.


1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 2. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. ~Genesis 1: 1, 2

Before Anything Was In Existence There Was An Idea. Imagination involves the use of the mind to create images of desired physical manifestation. The part it plays in the creative process is important because it actually forces a thought form from an idea to actual real substance. There are many metaphorical references to this in stories i.e. Aladdin's Lamp, Biblical Manna, Peter Pan, the Wizard of Oz and more. It's all about imagining and channeling the imagination.

How can one channel the imagination? It can be done by working on bringing the imagined thought into manifestation. Imagine, think and then find a way to bring it into eye contact by use of pictures that illustrate the idea. If you want a luxury car, go to the car dealership and drive one, to get the feel of it and to have a real experience with it. If you want a new house, go and take house tours and take pictures of the homes, to identify your dream home. It's all about bridging the gap between your ideas and the real world. Through the use of the imagination you can transform your world into your dreams. I've done it before and certainly you can do it too. By use of the method of imagination I was able to obtain a car, digital piano, house and a wonderful income.

"To bring anything into your life; imagine that it's already there." ~Richard Bach, The Bridge Across Forever: A True Love Story

PART III 3rd KEY: OPENING THE DOOR: Giving Birth To Your Ideas.

Many times in life we are given opportunities for wealth but we don't recognize them. Sometimes these opportunities don't look appetizing and we don't think they fit into the scheme of our life and therefore discard them. Those opportunities that come clothed in pretty colors, appealing stature and entertaining modes are more easily accepted but unfortunately, they are not always the best options. Opportunities for wealth often approach us but it's up to us to open the door. We open the door... by using the key. What is the key... GRATITUDE!

Our Dreams, Our Thoughts, and our Desires, are like little magnets that pull life experiences and opportunities toward us. The stronger the desire the faster the opportunity appears before us and the better the fit to our ideal wishes. Once the opportunity appears, then we must open the door by embracing it with appreciation and gratitude. The more gratitude we have, the better the outcome of the Opportunity.

Most people don't really understand the power of Gratitude. They think gratitude is simply giving thanks and it is, yet so much more. Gratitude brings Action. Loving Action! The attitude of Gratitude keeps us humble and in the mode of giving and receiving which is called "The Law of Reciprocity. The "Law of Reciprocity" is a mutual "give and take" force that we must respect in order for wealth to be given in full measure. This law is spoken of in the Bible and other Spiritual teachings many times,

"Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Luke 6:38
"Do not be deceived; God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he will also reap." Galatians 6:7

While these scriptures are considered a part of spiritual teachings in Christianity, make no mistake, it does refer to a Law that operates in everyone's lives, regardless of religion, creed or color. It is when this Law is not respected in our lives that chaos begins.

When we are not grateful for what we receive and do not return in kind in some way or fashion, our soil or mind becomes fallow ground the seeds we plant there eventually shrivel up and do not yield. The channel of prosperity can and will constrict where there is no giving or benevolent spirit toward mankind. This benevolent spirit can take the form of service, monetary donations, loving kindness, wisdom, knowledge and more.

Examples of these actions are such as, giving money to a cause you care about, volunteering at a non-profit event, mowing someone's yard, taking food to a senior citizen, giving a friend a ride home, or donating things to Good Will etc. One Sunday, we were having dinner and pleasant conversation when a person in our midst admitted that he was jobless with no money to eat his next meal. As a result of this conversation, this jobless man received a job application from a friend who submitted it at the job. The man got a job and the person who submitted the application for that jobless man, got a promotion!

That is an example of the law of reciprocity and there is no doubt that gratitude surrounds us with the energy of love, kindness, caring, understanding, patience, and giving. In this way, it is not only the path to wealth, but also to good health and a happy life overall.

Gratitude is Powerful and the key to not only opening doors of wealth, but bringing forth opportunities to provide your needs and desires with the clothing of substance. If you want wealth in your life, become more thankful and show it in the forms we discussed above. Pay your bills with joy, not resentment, to see them paid off more quickly. If you want a new house, clean up and make beautiful the space you live in and you will be given a better one. If you want a better job, find some way to enjoy the present one and doing good things where you are and a new one will be given (maybe even a new promotion). If you don't have a job, give some time volunteering at a non-profit activity, a new job will pop up. You'd be surprised at what Gratitude can do to propel and bring to life your dreams! Make it happen! Be Grateful!

Wealth is achievable! It's not rocket science but it is the science of life! Once you have the keys to attracting wealth you can do it over and over again just like other wealthy figures in our spiritual teachings ie Solomon, Moses, Jacob and more. Learn their secrets and watch your life transform before your very eyes. Read this article to find out how to bring financial wealth, good health and joy into your realm. Turn the tide today and you'll never look back.