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Secret Ingredient of Success

Today, out of curiosity I searched the internet to see what other people write about success. I found a lot of articles as well as an abundance of advice how to achieve it. "Free Success Checklist", "Meaning of Success", "Quotes on Success", "Critical Success Factors", "10 Questions That Create Success", "How to Achieve Success" are some of the titles that I found on the internet. There were also many different definitions of success too. Many measure success in terms of money and power, others link success with happiness. One of the writers stated that "Becoming successful is not easy, otherwise more people would be successful".

When I was reading these articles, tons of questions arose in my mind. Don't we all desire success? Aren't we all making efforts to become successful? How do we measure success? How do we define success? Is success defined by the opinions?

The last question made me pause and think about it a bit longer. There is a difference between facts and opinions. I realized that what I read today were other people's opinions. I realized that these opinions do not define my success. I realized that success is a very personal thing.

I paused again...

I have to find the facts about my own success, and I cannot rally on the opinions of others, because it will ruin my chance, and most likely I will miss it. On the other hand, I have the power and obligation to define my own success. I have to dig deep inside myself to find the facts about my own success. Opinions of other people don't apply to my success. I have to work on my own, personal definition.

Once I have a good definition, then it should be easy for me to come up with the plan to achieve it. It is like marking a destination on the map, and once I know where I'm going, it should be easy for me to figure out how to get there. I will most likely reach my destination.

In my opinion, based on what I read today, success is too abstract of an idea to be achieved. We cannot reach abstract destinations on the map. The position on the map has to be precisely defined in order for us to travel and reach that destination.

There is one more thing to it, my friend. I know the secret ingredient of success. It is PASSION. Passion is such a powerful feeling that won't let you quit. If you are passionate about something, you will be able to solve any problem, and face any obstacles. Passion won't let you rest until you achieve your goals, so join me today in the quest. Dig deep my friend, find your passion first, define your success and go for it.

"Only you can know if you are truly successful or not" wrote one of the authors on the internet, so dig deep my friend...