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How to Manifest Your Wealth - Your Wish Is Your Command

We are making decisions all the time. From the most trivial to the life changing, we all need to decide what to say, how to behave and how to respond to the people and situations that cross our path. Ultimately, our decisions determine what we attract into our lives.

How do you make these decisions? What do you base your decision-making on? For many, it is something external, such as a religious belief system. Most people, however - even those with strong religious beliefs - make decisions based on those around them. When we are still very young, we learned that the approval of our parents was vital for getting what we wanted and, as we got older, our education system reinforced the idea that the approval of other people is important. We were taught that 'making a good impression' and presenting ourselves well in front of others is the key to a successful life.

The sad thing is that we never get over this, and it often turns into a real problem. How other people perceive us becomes so important that our behavior is completely dominated by worrying about what we look like to others. In effect, we are letting other people 'pull our strings.' We allow ourselves to become puppets, dancing to the changing tune of other people's beliefs and moods.

Our tendency to let other people pull our strings means, however, that we lose touch with our connection to what could be called our 'higher self' or our 'inner wisdom.' I believe that we are all connected the same source - we all come from the same place, and a connection to this 'life source' is essential to getting life to work for us. We cannot be in the driving seat unless we are in touch with our source or, if you prefer, our inner guide.

Being in touch with source doesn't mean meditating for hours each day. It isn't esoteric, but it does require a shift in our mentality. Instead of looking outward, to other people, for our guidance, we need to look inward.

... we are all connected the same source - we all come from the same place, and a connection to this 'life source' is essential to getting life to work for us.

It may be hard for us to trust ourselves - maybe we've been told for decades that making decisions without reference to the outside world is selfish or even dangerous. I've even heard someone say that without an external code of conduct such as a religious belief system, she would lie, cheat, steal and do all sorts of other wicked things! I think it is very sad when someone loses sight of his own inner guidance to such an extent, but it is not uncommon.

Regaining a connection to our source, or 'inner wisdom' isn't hard, but it takes a little time and gentle persistence. Try spending a few moments each day, perhaps before you go to sleep, speaking to your inner guide. Share yourself with your guide; share your problems and concerns; ask him or her any questions you have. Over time, your connection to this inner guide will become stronger - you'll get to know who s/he is. Your inner wisdom will, if listened to, become a great friend and will enable you to make good choices.

I guess the Law of Attraction needs no introduction! I'm sure you've heard about it, and maybe you've seen 'The Secret.' Let me clear - I think that a lot of the movies, the books and the products you are bombarded with on the Internet are of little value - hyped up, slick, well marketed and packaged, with one purpose - to relieve you of your money.

But that doesn't mean there's nothing in it at all. Far from it. I was reading about the so called 'Law of Attraction' for many years before 'The Secret,' and I stared using some of the stuff that's now so over-hyped in my own life. Let's go through the basic ideas. This comes from Ester Hicks, the author of a number of books on this subject which I do think are worthwhile.

'Nothing merely shows up in your experience. You attract it - all of it. No exceptions.'

But how do we 'attract' these things? Abraham explains that it's all to do with thought: 'You get what you think about; whether you want it or not.'

Ester goes on to explain that there is a foolproof way you can tell whether what you're thinking about is something you want to experience or not. This is simply the way you feel.