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Principles of Growth and Chance (By Gaurav Sharma)

Is there any easy way to achieve quality of life and strong relations with other people?

In life, there are sequential stages of growth and development. I have personally never skipped any step. I find these in all areas of development. Today I learn piano and effective communication with work associates, with this I found truth in individuals, marriages and organizations.

But for one to live in harmony throughout is difficult and not much common. So I like to see others look for a shortcut, expecting to be accurately skip some of the vital steps in order to save time and effort.

It's like I am an average tennis player but I decide to play at a high level in order to make a better impression. Can only positive thinking alone enable us to compete effectively against a professional?

Lets start, I am on a ten point scale at level two in my field. I have to prepare some unique steps which could take me to level three and so on.

'A thousand mile journey begins with the first step.' What if I can only take one step at a time.

To relate effectively with a lady, a man, her children, her husband, her friends, etc must learn to listen which requires emotional strength. Listening involves patience and the desire to understand (highly developed quality).

It's so much easier to operate from a low emotional level and give high level advice. Development cannot be pretended. I believe that most of us know the truth about ourselves. Many people around us, the people we will or work with are also aware of themselves (what's inside them).

According to a book written by J. Krishnamurti, happiness is a state of being unconscious. Only at the time of misery, a person realizes the importance of his past happiness. He believes that a person must overcome negativity and harmful thought waves. By conquering negativity a person can easily adopt positive approach towards everything. If the water of a pool is dirty and polluted, the bottom of the pool is not visible, similarly our minds must be free of dirt(negativity) so that it can lead us in a positive path.

I ask myself about the irony of my life that why do I keep looking for answers and not follow anyone directly. How come people around me achieve the goals they set for themselves and I fail. I understood that we all have some qualities and techniques that if followed help us in achieving our objectives.

* We know that Abraham Lincoln was self educated. He used to borrow books and read them under the street light or bonfire.

* Benjamin Franklin did not attend any school.

* Even the Wright brothers were not properly educated scientists. By profession they were bicycle mechanics yet they invented air transport and gave the world a whole new scenario.

I've learnt that inspiration,aspiration,desperation and perspiration makes a man determined to his ambition. From these four inputs anybody can change their luck. In the process of achieving goals we have certain obstacles which can be transformed into tools for success. Success is an internal as well as an external process. It starts within our mind and end physically. In order to be successful we must accept our responsibilities that will ultimately shape your destiny. We must learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them. I was taught to develop character, confidence, values, beliefs and personality by referring to the lives of the successful people. One thing is common in the lives of all successful people that each of them combines integrity, patience, understanding, conviction, courage and loyalty. They have both ability and character. Hence, they succeed in anything they wish to achieve. Never postpone your happiness in order to work. Enjoy your work and do it with loyalty. We must be surrounded by people who bring out the best in us. While focusing on our objectives we must not forget to help others in achieving their goals freely. During a congregational service once a priest asked the people that all those who desire to go to heaven must stand up. All stood up except Abraham Lincoln. When asked by the priest Abraham kept quiet which frustrated the priest. Later Abraham calmly said 'I want to go to congress'. We must learn that happiness is something which can be felt or experienced. It is a quality of life associated with faith, hope, courage and ideas.

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I get some information about the incongruity of my life that why do I continue searching for answers and not tail anybody straightforwardly. Why individuals around me accomplish the objectives they set for themselves and I come up short. I comprehended that we as a whole have a few qualities and methods that if took after help us in accomplishing our goals.

In life, there are successive phases of development and improvement. I have by and by never skirted any progression. I discover these in every aspect of advancement. Today I learn piano and successful correspondence with work partners, with this I discovered truth in people, relational unions and associations.

It's such a great amount of less demanding to work from a low passionate level and give abnormal state guidance. Improvement can't be imagined. I trust that the majority of us know reality about ourselves. Numerous individuals around us, the general population we will or work with are additionally mindful of themselves (whats inside them).