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Why Mind Muscle Connection Is Important and How to Improve It

What is mind-muscle connection?

It is a connection that allows you to mentally control your muscles on purpose.

When performing a weight-bearing exercise, you can mentally control your target muscle during each repetition. The aim is to get a strong contraction within the target muscle.

It also allows you to individually control individual muscles and different body parts, i.e. moving your toes separately. With a good mind-muscle connection, you are aware of what every part of your body is doing. You are connected to it. It plays a big part in co-ordination.

With a good mind-muscle connection you can make your muscles work during a workout without any weights at all. You can feel your muscles working.

What are the benefits of mind-muscle connection?

  • Less injury
  • Better co-ordination
  • Know what your body is doing
  • More effective workouts
  • More in touch with your body and aware of how it feels
  • Efficient use of muscles in day-to-day activities
  • The benefits are truly endless. Creating a mind-muscle connection puts you in touch with your body. This, in turn helps to reconnect your mind, body and soul and makes you more aware of how your thoughts affect your body.

While mind-muscle connection is extremely beneficial when strengthening our muscles, the connection with our body as we get older is important to avoid stiffening of the body. It can creep up without you even knowing. If you are connected to your body, you can stay in control and stay fitter for longer.

It can also help to improve balance and co-ordination.

Can a mind-muscle connection be developed?

It definitely can. It can take up to 45 days to retrain the brain and to develop new neural pathways. Training needs to be done almost every day.

It is important, however to give your brain a rest for a day or two to allow the new information to settle in. Remember that it needs a regular workout, just like your muscles.

How can I train my brain to have a mind-muscle connection?

A really good way to start is with a bicep curl.

Stand tall and tuck one of your elbows into your waist and assume the starting position of a bicep curl. Pretend you are holding a weight. Don't use a weight. It is important to start with no weights.

Place your opposite hand on your bicep. Look at your bicep and think about your bicep. Put your mind into your bicep.

Start to do a bicep curl really slowly. Feel how your muscle is working. Think about how your muscle is working.

As you continue to slowly do a bicep curl, try to make your muscle contract a little harder. Really connect with your bicep muscle and be in control of it.

Once you have worked one side for a while, repeat on the other side.

Once you have the idea, try moving your toes separately. Sit with your foot up and look at your toes. Put your mind into your toes.

Try and move your big toe towards you with your other toes moving away. Once you have that, try alternating your big toe back and forth with your other toes. Repeat with your other foot.

The important part is that you don't give up. You probably won't feel anything for the first few weeks but keep practising with just as much concentration every time. One day you will just 'get it' and then you will be able to call on it whenever you need to.

As you start to get the idea, try it with every muscle in your body. What you are essentially doing is putting your mind into your muscles and being in control of them.

Once you have established your mind-muscle connection, you can add light weights to your mind training. It is important not to move forward to fast by using weights that are too heavy. Form is everything.

A good mind-muscle connection will help you to get more out of life regardless of your age.

Kathryn is a leading health and prosperity coach specialising in helping people who are ready to embrace the possibilities and make the changes needed to improve their health and prosperity.

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