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5 Ways To Change Your Bad Habits

Changing Your Habits

Our habits really shape who we are and in part determine how productive we are during the day. Habits are the reason we are able to accomplish tasks without thinking about them. However everyone has a bad habit or two that we probably know we need to stop before it causes more harm than it already has, so let's take a look at 5 Ways To Change Your bad Habits.

1. Recognize the Problem

In order to start changing our bad habits we first need to start recognizing which ones we have are bad. I would suggest you sit down in a quite place free from distractions and go over your past week. Think about all the things you did and I'm sure you'll quickly start to remember some recurring things you did that you may not be so proud of, better known as your bad habits. Write all these down on a sheet of paper so you're sure not to forget them. Now that we've recognized the problems let's work on correcting them.

2. Practice Your New Habit Everyday!!

A very common mistake many people make when going about tackling a bad habit is not working on fixing the problem everyday! Take not going to the gym for instance, you decide to go to the gym 3 times a week. Seems reasonable right? After all you're already struggling just to get there at all with your "super busy schedule".

The truth of the matter is time is almost never actually the problem, if you add up all the time-wasting you have any given day including watching TV, napping, procrastination, distraction or gaps between work then you would find you have more than enough time to hit the gym everyday for at least 30 minutes.

The reason you need to be practicing your new habit everyday instead of for example, 3 times a week is because you will become conditioned to your new habit much faster when you practice it everyday instead of taking breaks. This insures you're not allowing for your brain to reason its way back into old habits.

3. Have Someone Hold you Accountable

So this ones pretty simple all you have to do is tell someone about your intension to change your bad habits. You'll want this person to be a close friend or family member who will support you and check in on you very often to make sure you are staying on track.

A good way to make sure they will do this for you is to refer them to this post! Have them also review these ways to break their bad habits and you can both hold each other accountable.

PS post your new habit on your social media! are you really going to disappoint all of your friends and family? I think not.

4. Talk About Your New Habit in the Present Tense

Okay so you really want to kick this bad habit right? One of the best ways to change a bad habit is to change your thinking in your subconscious mind. To do this you'll want to continually remind yourself all day as often as possible of your goal to kick this bad habit.

Say the following line to yourself both out loud and in your head "I'm so happy and grateful now that (insert your goal)". Reaping this line and thinking about your goal all day will eventually work it into your subconscious mind which in turn will change your actions and your actions will become your desired results.

5. Don't be Too Hard on Yourself!

Changing habits can be hard especially when they're old and stubborn so don't beat yourself up too much. Remember this is a journey and it will take a little bit of time and effort so be patient. You'll do great just keep working towards your goals and kick those bad habits!