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How to Develop Personality and Prepare for Formal Meets - ICBI

Personality is the omnipotent torch bearer of your career. If it is there, it creates a demand for that what you stand for, or else, you get out casted or menial casted. Yet, if thoroughly evaluated, a person's personality depends on the quality of childhood he has spent. The impression of one's childhood has a very strong effect on the kind of outlook he has at present.

For instance: a stage performer, be it in music, dance or theatre, does not become such in an overnight training. A performer in the present must have had a good amount of exposure to the stage, during his school days. It could be in any category such as extempore, debate, or on stage competitions in music, art and dance.

Summarising, a person's personality is the factor of all the events of the past. Yet, in the present times, it gets affected by every day's exposure to the situation of life. Regular participation in workshops, trainings, and group exercises enhances one's personality to a great extent. People gain more self-confidence and amiable personality as they interact more and more with new people.

Yet, how to develop personality for formal meetings remains an important question, when you stand a chance to crack the best deal of your lifetime.

Still, you don't need to think about it a lot, neither would you have to browse for it online. Below, we shall discuss the same for your convenience, in details:-


Many people say that what you wear is what you become. And this turns to be very true. You may experiment with your dressing style, changing it to a new one, and after a week, you shall feel the change in your nature as well. That is why your dressing style must go with your body type as well as the trend. This an integral and the first most part of how to develop your personality.


You must know what values guide your life. You may call it a system of faith, belief, or just an inclination, but you must have a firm take on everything around you. That is why you must also be aware of the situation or the surroundings you live in - being updated with the current scenario. 'Principles' is the perfect word that you must have inculcated in your behaviour.


A perfect walking style has its first impression on the people around you. And when it is combined with confident gestures like waving a hello, smile, nodding head or even turning around, it incarnates your personality to a whole new level. You may try to imagine all the situations that could occur to you during the personal meeting, and prepare accordingly. To put emphasis on your personality during the meeting, you must try to keep your body as calm and composed as possible. This adds gravity to your being.

These are the basic rules that comprise one's personality. If you think you do not command such a strong one, you may analyse yourself and think upon and implement the points stated above for an effective result. This is where the journey of how to develop personality would actually start.