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How To Improve My Memory?

How can I improve my memory? An always asked question. Many students in schools and universities do not stop complaining of having a poor memory. Every year the drama begins to unfold with the mid-term exams. And tons of them opt to private lessons.

Half joking they describe their condition as early Alzheimer's. In the same light, psychologists have discussed several memorization techniques that positively impact your memory. The first one is association. It is about linking the information to an image, or linking a number to an unforgettable number in your life, such as your birth date. Secondly, chunking, it is breaking large pieces of information into smaller ones after being organized. In addition to many other techniques that your brain still uses even without knowing their names.

Having said that, so, why it does not always work? It is all about your chemistry! A chemical lurking inside your brain is the maestro that organizes all the matter. Namely, ''IGF1'' (insulin growth factor 1). This ''IGF 1'' is a son of a great father, the "Gh," growth hormone, or hormone of happiness. Actually it is a mirror of your emotions, evidenced by cases of stunted growth in children suffering emotional deprivation.

Undoubtly, we better remember those events that are emotionally charged. Studies suggested that emotional and attentional functions swim in parallel streams through our brains. I know, trying to be motivated to a lesson of physics or mathematics may for many seem absurd.

However you still can do it. It ambuscades in your mood, in your receiving. Staying even tempered, socializing, well hydrated, physically confident, in addition to adequate sleep, will immensely boost your working memory.

On the other side, in case of anxiety, part of your working memory may be taken with your thoughts and fears, leaving less capacity available for processing. The ''cortisol'' (stress hormone) when in access it acts like a thief stealing data from your brain and preventing it from retrieving new ones.

To sum up, just stay fresh, away from stress, try hardly to be emotionally motivated to your study. Even if circumstances are not suitable, try to cut down this vicious circle and switch on your mode. I am talking about adopting a new attitude. An attitude of more self confidence and sedate way of thinking. So it is your turn now to get rid of this excuse ''I have a bad memory."