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How Bad Do You Want It?

"I am the only person in the world I should like to know thoroughly." - Oscar Wilde. Ironically, it bewildering how many know so little about themselves. With the constant rise in expectations, responsibilities, and things to do, the majority of young adults find themselves lost. So over encumbered with the mainstream; through roaring perplexing media and competition that we all find it surprisingly difficult to stop and think for a second "what is it that I really WANT to do". Instead, we're forced to wonder "what is it that I really SHOULD be doing".

Troubled mind, aching heart, sleepless nights; we've all had our fair share. A bad habit of thinking rather than doing, worrying rather than reacting, cowering rather than facing the facts. Alas, change is difficult. We try our best to distract, ergo leaving what is necessary as our last resort. There is nothing scarier than starting from zero, after all, you're reaching "that" age and people are waiting. You've spent your years in secondary education learning about generic subjects, which you've forgotten most of by now. Time's up, you must decide what field of work you will dedicate the rest of your life to with thousands of dollars of your parents' hard-earned money and reputation at risk. You're forced to make a blind choice, and it's all downhill from here.

How do you expect to know what it is you really want to do when you haven't tried anything at all yet? The same applies to extracurricular activities, love, lifestyle, the way you look even, and the list goes on. What diet suits you best? Have you tried them all? What haircut suits you best? Have you thought of getting something other than a buzz cut? What sport brings the best out of you? Are you still trying to fit in with the popular peeps?

Certainty comes with range of experience, range of experience only comes with change. You must be willing to change all that it is you do, whether you like it or not, if you aren't happy with how things are going (And even if you are! Maybe there's something even better out there for you?). You may feel like you're hunky-dory with whatever it is you're doing, but does it excite you? Do you wake up and sleep thinking about it? Do you have a constant urge to know more about it? You only have yourself to blame, because mom isn't there anymore to force you to go to those violin classes, and dad isn't there anymore to force you to try something new to eat.

It's never too late to try the new and it's never too early to think of something new to do. You don't know what something is like until you've tried it, so for your sake, go out and try everything! And fail at everything! You won't know what you're happiest with until you've failed enough. Failure is a prerequisite to better understanding the things you do, and it's only until you find out you enjoy failing at something that you've found something worth your time. Success is only there to skew your path, cause disruption, and slow you down. Do what you love, and success will be sure to follow.

How bad do you want change? Are you miserable? Are you suffering enough? Are the cigarettes and Netflix shows not cutting it out for you anymore? Then do something about it. You're so far deep into your comfort zone that the thought of getting up is agonizing. To which I ask again, how bad do you want it?