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9 Bad Habits You Should Drop

Habits are usually things we pick up by imitating people or by starting them on our own. Most habits are dangerous/bad, some are annoying, some are good and some do not have pros and cons.

In this article, I will be talking about those habits we need to drop as soon as possible.

PROCRASTINATION: This is a time killer. We procrastinate when we are lazy or just don't feel like doing anything. Imagine if you have 10 tasks to perform on a particular day and you keep on saying "I will do them later" until it becomes too late.

The next thing is to have regrets. I hate having regrets, I mean nobody likes having regrets because they make me wish for a machine that can make me go back to the past.

procrastination makes easy things look harder.

If you have something to do, make sure you discipline yourself to do it at the appropriate time.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADDICTION: Are you that kind of person that tells your friends to repeat their stories because your attention was divided? You were busy scrolling and clicking on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media.

Social media addiction can affect the way you relate to people in reality and it wastes precious time.

The more time we spend on social media, the lesser time we have to develop the true kind of friendship and bond with offline friends, colleagues and family members.

HOLDING GRUDGES: Sometimes, people do terrible things that make you think holding a grudge against them is the best solution. Holding a grudge makes you bitter and it makes your heart heavy. Consider forgiving those people but never allow yourself to be let down again.

People who hold grudges are hurting themselves. Stop keeping records of the wrong things people do to you, it's poisonous to your life. There is this quote I believe in, may be you should try it. It says, "to err is human but to forgive is divine".

DOUBTING YOURSELF: Every time you encounter something, the first comment that comes to your mind is "I can't do it" even when you haven't given it a try. You give yourself billions of reasons why you can't do it and finally, you become fully convinced that you really can't do it.

Success will never come knocking on your door if you keep doubting yourself. It will come to you when you try something.

Who said you can't do it?

Go out there and experiment on something!!

DWELLING ON THE PAST: Yesterday is history. Each minute you dwell on your past, you lose one minute from today. The past is surely a place to remember but not a place to stay.

The past is gone, let go of it and move on.

TALKING TO YOURSELF IN PUBLIC: Talking to yourself helps you organize your thoughts and we sometimes make the right choices and decisions when we talk to ourselves first. It is beneficial but I have three questions; where do you talk to yourself? In public places where there are so many people? When you are alone?

If you want to organize your thoughts by talking to yourself, don't let people hear you if you don't want to look insane.

BITING PENS AND PENCILS: This is an awful habit, it is unsanitary and it can cause jaw strain. What if the pen or pencil you are chewing has been rolling on a dusty table or on a dirty floor? Who knows if someone else has chewed that pen or pencil before you?

Try choosing your pens and pencils wisely because some are more chewable than others.

Place tapes or bitter substances around those areas you chew, it can help you stop chewing pens or pencils.

SPENDING TOO MUCH TIME WATCHING TV: This reduces your mental capacity and you feel your head with so much fiction and useless information. Watching TV is not a crime but when you spend so much time watching TV, you develop a lazy lifestyle.

This also wastes precious time.

If you feel like you don't have anything to do, consider reading an inspiring article or hanging out with friends and family.

Or just engage yourself with something beneficial to your life or the lives of other people.

EXTRAVAGANT SPENDING: Spending more than you need is considered wasteful and inconsiderate. If you have an excess of anything, you can save some for the future.

You should also consider giving some to people who have nothing or little.

It doesn't hurt to be generous or good.