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Message From the Universe: Waiting for the PERFECT Moment! There Is Never ANY!

"Did you know that if you can see a cloud, it can see you?

Same for trees.

And beauty.

The Universe"

So much beauty around us but we fail to just stop what we are doing and start enjoying what is around us. We all have a focus in life, but while we try to understand our mission, our journey in life, we fail miserably in doing the thing we enjoy. We go with: " When I get the right job, I will be able to take advantage of life" or " when my business succeeds, I will have more money to enjoy life" or whatever else that crosses your mind when waiting for that perfect moment to do understand your purpose. I will need to be clear with you on something. There is NEVER a perfect moment, a perfect time, a perfect job, a perfect business, a perfect relationship, a perfect anything. There is NEVER that. You need to have faith that everything you do today will have great impact in how you live your life tomorrow. We all rely on faith that things should change for the better, because I trust God that it will. So what is faith? "It is the acceptance of which we imagine to be true, that which we cannot prove". You can't really prove that having faith in something will render the wishes and hopes that it will come true. The belief that you have towards the power from above is what keeps you on moving forward, and never waiting on that perfect moment to act. Life is so fragile, filled with uncertainties. You, me or nobody else can predict your future or how it will turn out. The only thing you can do NOW is to live your life NOW. We are running away and towards something, not really knowing exactly what it is. We fight in wars, in battles that are never really won because of all the destruction that is left behind. The world is NOT ours, we haven't built it. It came to us as a blessing, as a property that we rent, but do not own. We took what was given to us and added what we felt could change the world. Yes, it did change it, but do you think for the better? The Garden of Eden was already paradise, but because of the presence of humans, we created some kind of hell that we all are facing its repercussion. We need to all make a change, to start realizing that change is imminent before it is too late.

Environmental factors have a detrimental effect on us, human beings. We don't realize it because we go on our day without realizing that we are controlled, just like RC cars or airplanes. We are the receiver and someone is playing with the transmitter of that RC gadget. We need to change the frequency so we can detach ourselves from what I think can be destruction of human kind. There is something happening and it is not looking great for any of us. Opening our eyes is crucial to understand our environment and taking action. It is important that we take control of our own future because if we let it go as it is and not do anything about it, there will be severe consequences. It is a combination of what you see in the news (with terrorism as being a stepping stone to what can be worst and more damaging) because terrorism is just a way for us NOT to focus on what is going internally, in OUR country. They are keeping our mind busy with something else that will change our world as we see it. Time will tell! We just need to be ready for something that will shake everyone right deep in our soul.!-There-Is-Never-ANY!&id=9470606