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Letting Go of Physical Pain

Any kind of pain is, in fact, just a feeling. And because any feeling can be let go, then even any pain can be overcome.

One of the greatest advantages of the letting go process is its full capability to heal almost any physical issue.

In its essence, any kind of pain is just another variation of a negative feeling. This must be quite obvious for everybody - we don't usually think about our pains as something pleasurable - but rather quite the opposite.

As a negative feeling is just another form of negative energy, and as we, humans, are in general wrongly taught to suppress our negative feelings, we are, from the nature of our habitual way of treating our emotions, prone to physical pains, which are just another manifestation of suppressed negative feelings.

The good thing about the Letting Go process is that, in fact, we don't need to know what exactly the foundation of our pain is. It can be any suppressed negative feeling from our (even very recent) past; it can be a suppressed memory with a strong negative emotional charge, or anything else. The point is that it is all irrelevant in the moment we decide that this suppressed, negative energy finally releases and lets go. What really matters is to understand that the pain itself is a form of negative emotion and that any negative emotion can be let go once and forever.

So, in general, the process of letting go of physical pain is quite simple:

1. Isolate the exact place in your body, where you feel the pain.

2. Stop looking at it as a pain (which is just labeling a feeling). Accept it instead as another form of emotion, or, more precisely, as a feeling.

3. Get any labeling of this feeling out of your head, especially that one connected with any description provided by formal medicine (this labeling is completely useless and many times rather an obstacle when letting go). Don't think about this feeling as a pain or sickness; just try to avoid any kind of labeling. Instead, try to look at this emotion in the particular part of your body naturally, as an independent observer trying to locate and observe a certain feeling (don't name it; don't label it) in your own body.

4. Start surrendering yourself to this feeling slowly, let it express itself fully. Don't push it back;don't block it or act on it. Just let it be in its natural way.

5. After a while, make a decision about letting it go once and forever, and then let it actually go and disappear.

As usual, it will require some practice and repetition.

Some pain and health issues will disappear immediately.

Some will need more letting go sessions.

Some might still return after a while just to remind you that there is still more to let go, and then they will gradually disappear forever.

It can be applied on anything.

My own experiences started with my spine. For my height (192 cm = 6′4″), I used to go to my chiropractor regularly. After 3 months of letting go my spine and pelvis problems, the necessary frequency of the visit has changed from once every week to approximately once a month (on some sessions there was hardly anything to fix) and the frequency of necessary visits keeps decreasing. Ultimately, this physical issue will disappear completely (still some more letting go obviously needs to be done - which is quite usual with more serious, long term issues).

This is just one of the real examples based on my own positive experience with Letting Go.