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How To Correct Injustice - Positive And Effective Change

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This article is about the common frustration of facing someone who is doing something you consider very wrong, either to you or in general.

When faced with a situation in which someone is cheating or hurting you, and you feel a tremendous injustice is done, leaving you very confused by the incomprehensible actions of that person, you may find yourself very angry.

A feeling of revenge or you may deem it a sense of delivering justice falls upon you. Giving it objective thought, it really is a desire for revenge even if you want to call it correcting a wrong.

When done out of anger, there can be no balancing correction, the only possible result is a hurt for hurt. These situations can never resolve or bring true justice, they can only make you feel better for a short while.

The anger you feel is in a large part due to not being able to understand why or how a person could do what they did, and your pain is in a large part from the confusion rather than the results of the actions.

The ego also gets into play with your feeling cheated and hurt and someone else getting away with something they do not deserve. It may not even involve you, but the situation is the same, someone hurts someone else and gets away with it.

If you attack with anger, the only thing that will result is a greater fight and you suffering in your anger. Go ahead, be angry but you will burn in your own anger. Is that going to help make you feel better?

When you truly understand someone, you cannot be angry. Think about that. You may not agree, but you cannot be angry when you understand the reason for someone's actions.

Now we must examine why we cannot understand someone's so called evil actions. Simply because of your own ego arrogance. You are making a statement that you are right and they are wrong. But they would say that they are right and you are wrong. So unless one of you is God, then who is to say who is right. That is just a matter of opinion and the source of war.

When you apply humility to the freedom that every human being should have to believe in what they want, simply because you want that freedom, and thus you must offer that same freedom to another, you could open you mind to understand them.

With understanding, anger dissolves. When anger dissolves you no longer are in conflict and war with that person. And now a very simple conclusion to this article and the way to resolve almost all conflicts.

Who is more likely to be able to make a person understand that what they did is wrong and correct or at least stop it? The angry attacker, or someone in harmony and understanding with their thoughts?

When you accept that humans are in general scared, greedy, foolish and in some cases pretty nasty and selfish, disregarding any other living creatures rights to a peaceful life, all due to their own personal fears about their own survival, you will know what drives that person to do what they did.

Let me ask all the women readers a question; Would you be a prostitute? You may say no, but I would say almost every one of you would. All you need is the right circumstances.

If you had three kids and you are a single mother and the only way to feed your children or get them medical care to save their lives due to being so desperate that there was no choice, or perhaps if a man put a gun to your children's head and offered you a choice to save their life, would you then prostitute yourself for the sake of your children's lives?

In general, we are very fortunate, but in reality there are a myriad of distorted and perhaps unjustified fears that rule all of us. Most of us thankfully are never pushed to that situation, but just consider that you do not know what drives a person, what formed them when they were young, and open your mind to the reality that they feel justified in what they did, or in their excuses to avoid taking responsibility.

Being angry will rarely correct what was done, and it will just make you sick and waste more time and energy. Open your mind, understand that you may not understand but that there is a valid reason in that person's mind, and accept the sad fact of life which is; Life is not always fair.

There are times to stand up for your rights, but if you are driven with anger, you will lose in the end, even if you win. There are times we must simply accept our loss and move on.

Objective is not negative, it is simply what it is.