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Are You the Architect of Your Own Mind?

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Food does indeed play a huge part, cause I have 6 meals a day on a good day when I have the luxury of time to be more productive towards my personal well-being. I constantly stress the importance of eating well because we feel good when we are kind to our body and provide it with the necessary nourishment it wants and we can in return function well when we have sufficient energy and vitality to carry us through our day-to-day activities.

When you love your body, it will reward you and love you back. It's going to send you good energy levels and signals to your brain and that is what the whole body & mind connection is about. It is not rocket science with some complex formula to produce good results and you don't have to wait till you achieve nirvana through meditation to attain it. Just watch out for subtle signs it will give out to you and don't ignore them.

Keep an open mind to try everything at your own will, but don't force it down your throat if you don't feel good doing it. Do you go to a buffet and go straight for that same appetizer that smelt strange but aroused your curiosity enough to pick it up to try, but then it was so repulsive you almost threw up and today, you come back to the same place, would you tell yourself, "I'm absolutely going to have more of that today! And maybe if I eat it enough times, I will grow to love it!"

Well it sounds silly right? But remotely familiar? Because more often than not, we do it. We eat it cause someone else is eating it and the whole world seems to be eating it, so you eat it too.

Here's a very simple analogy why we can't possibly begin to fit through that same cookie cutter. Say you hand 2 or rather,10 people, from all different backgrounds the exact same ingredients with the exact same recipe written in black & white on paper with specific detailed instructions to bake a sophisticated 6 layered red velvet cake.

At the end of the hour, you will have 10 different cakes that differ in size, taste, smell, added too much cream cheese, too little frosting, the sponge too dense or too thin.Why? Because two person will never have the exact same experience, same attitude, same meticulousness, same eye for detail, same mindset and focus or even simply having the same level of interest or passion to do it. That is why we all individually and separately produce very different results eating the same diet.

There are only two main key ingredients to put in anything whether it's your soup or your cake or your life 1) Focus 2) Concentration. Without these two ingredients, we are basically just going through life choices on default letting our thoughts think us, rather than thinking our thoughts. If we build a strong belief system with our own innate guidance system of trial and errors, we will thrive in the harshest of conditions.

It's not what you do, but how you do it. It's the exact same concept that applies with your food. You only receive the full benefits of any ingredients if you align yourself mentally and emotionally. If not, it's just causing a whole range of mixed signals to your body and you just find the diet less and less effective with time no matter what amazing diet meal plans or fads you have discovered because you've primed it to associate with negative words you see on an article the following week or advice from other well-meaning people the following day and your own system takes the hit and you start from point zero again. Because there is no foundation underneath when you don't make choices built upon your own system.

While it does help to quiet your mind and clear your head with meditation, you probably only need a good 15-20 minutes at the start or end of the day to release any resistance you have with stuff that "bugged you". Let it go. It is ultimately about increasing your awareness and listening to what your body wants and you will naturally gravitate towards the healthier choices when you keep yourself in a good state of mind.

We feel good when our minds are clear and our body is pain-free. It's just as simple as that. We choose what we choose because we want to feel good. While the expression you hear so often, "you are what you eat" is true, "you are what you think about" too. The most toxic ingredient you can ever let invade your cells are your negative, poisonous, thoughts and it is the culprit of dis-eases in your body.

Haven't you wondered why the first thing we lose is always our appetite, when we are sick or feeling down? It is because our gut is our second brain and that's what that "gut feeling" comes about and food plays such a huge role in our "gut" that we can't separate from it without having some form of emotional trigger or re-percussion. We could either have a positive happy "gut feeling" or a "sick to the stomach" (unpleasant) reaction.

Because food is something that triggers the most pain OR pleasure in someone's mind and thoughts whether someone is struggling with weight issues or dis-eases in the body. Fundamentally, eating is one of the action you use up ALL of your senses which is very powerful emotionally, so you could very easily tip either way. To feel thoroughly pleased or otherwise. That's why it can be potentially destructive and devastating when people struggle with self-image of their physical body.

So just be easy on yourself, just try all foods and stick to the ones that produces good results for yourself and stick to it, have more of it and enjoy it.That's why we have good & "bad" bacteria in our stomach and neither can survive without the other or function well.
Even if you have the occasional "junk food" our body is an intelligent system and it will find a way to fight it out among themselves inside. It's all about balance at the end of the day.

No amount of organic food can cure a "sick brain" that produces counter-active results. But we can much easily cure a "dis-eased body" with a healthy mindset. But maintaining a healthy mind is a much trickier task than grooming our physical body. That's why we practice every day. To build a stronger, better minds for ourselves.

Do whatever it takes. As long as it requires your attention, it will teach you focus and concentration and very soon you can hold your thought through and through and the peanut gallery will simply just fade out to a background. Everything else not within your frequency will bounce out of your experience.

When you take care of the mind, the body and everything else in life takes care of itself.