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Gaining Perspective on Life

I am not my job.

I am not my bank account.

I am not my degree.

I am not my possessions.

I am not my social status.

I am not my hometown, or even my country.

I am not my looks.

I am not my attributes.

I am not my achievements or lack of.

I am potential.

I am curiosity.

I am awareness and presence.

I am unimportant, although not worthless.

I am a blip in this thing called time.

I am a tiny existence on this vast planet and this planet is a tiny existence in this vast universe.

My perceived level of self-importance makes me feel as though I have a privileged position on this planet. This is false. I am simply another lease of life that will come and will go.

Life is simple and thus, must be lived simply. Through the cultivation of perspective and constant gratitude, we automatically realize how small an existence we really are. 'Importance' is a thought generated image of myself and the idea that I am more important than any other soul is simply false. We need not depend on possessions or superficial items but rather be self-dependent.

My life is made up of my days and as I live my days, so I live my life. I encourage everyone to go out and do things that scare you. Challenge yourself in new ways; ways you can't imagine. Do not get trapped by dogma and most certainly don't think that taking a week long vacation is 'living'. Find what you love and pursue that passion. If that means doing what you dislike to support what you love, so be it, but do not get caught up in what you dislike. Money is just a renewable resource; one that can always be found and always be made. All too often, we fall into the trap of losing sight of what we love. We begin to make decisions that diminish our chances of simple presence and happiness and in turn, we get lost in thought and the whirlwind that life can sometimes be. Keep it all in perspective. You are not your job, nor are you your bank account. You are a curious fragment of matter that is capable of anything. Maintain perspective and continue to bring yourself back to reality when your level of self-importance gets too much that it hinders your life.