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Message From the Universe: Avoid Predicting the Future!

"Expecting and preparing for their very best behavior - in terms of respect, love, kindness, and wing-a-ding-dong - guarantees nothing. But it does maximize your chances of getting it.

And if you don't insist that such behavior come from a specific person, my hands will be free to find you what you prepared for, or better.

The Universe"

Your thoughts are created based on a feeling you have. If you feel happy, your thoughts will more positive in nature, and the opposite is also true. It can be difficult to be thinking positive when looking at everything crumbling down around you. If you lose your home, your job, your family, your livelihood and everything else you held dear to, chances are that your thoughts will be spiraling down to the abyss of self-hatred with severe depression. It can be hard to stay positive when everything you are facing have negative connotation. You may want to slap me in the face when I will say that but once you are so far down the hole, you can't really go any lower right, unless you dig yourself a deeper hole. So looking at your situation, whichever it may be, the fear of falling further down is somewhat eliminated. You can ONLY go up from there right? Unlike those who are on top, they constantly fear that they may experience the same ill-felt scenario as you are. They live in constant fear that I can happen at any moment. Their thoughts are consumed with this probability. Every minute to every hour, something big can happen that will bring them down to the abyss of disaster. As for the old adage: "what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger". Guess what? You have a keen advantage to those who haven't experienced what you are at this moment. You are now facing these challenges and have a pretty clear idea on how to get yourself out of it. Your mind is working at warp speed to find solution to your existing problem and because of that, you create other opportunities along the way that wouldn't be existent if you didn't face this dilemma.

There is a reason to everything in life and even though it seems to be overwhelming at times, you will get through it. Resilience is what's crucial to move forward despite these challenges. Forget about comparing yourself to others, as to why they succeed and why you fail. You are now better trained to face other of these life's problems, and you will no longer live in fear because you already have created a solution before a possible issue arises. You are looking into a future that hasn't occurred yet because of your valuable experience. Embrace these challenges and eliminate fear from your mind. Once you've mastered this process, nothing will be able to take you away from your path, your clear vision of success and will push you above anything you can ever imagine. Your destination is what you make of it, and by abandoning ship before it sinks, you put yourself at risk for not knowing what could have happened if you ever decided to stick around and guided the boat to shore. This is your life and you are in full control. No worries about the bad decision made throughout your journey, just be grateful for the experiences you've accrued and the knowledge that will help you reach your ultimate success.