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The Purposeful Action For Creating Good Vibes In Any Space (By Ruby Gangadharan)

Earlier this week, I did a video about how I was to romance my apartment but quickly realized this had so much juice that it deserved a further write-up.

Many of us don't think twice about our physical space. We consider the physical space as 'outside' of us; separate.

Deliberate Creators recognize everything is energy and we create our experience using the premise of 'Like attracts Like'. Which is to say; like magnets, we attract things that are a vibrational match to our energy.

I have always thrived on new experiences, new information and in being the first to test new paradigms. It's no wonder that I am drawing into my experience multiple changes to my life in the form of relocations. I recently had yet another relocation - so it's new apartment, new city, new culture and a new way of life.

The prospect of starting over though attractive is also a challenge than can send your head for a spin. The most obvious way your new reality presents itself is the physical spaces; house, building complex, office space, roads, shops, etc. And it's easy to get overwhelmed.

The physical space that you inhabit have a tremendous impact on your energy and vice versa. It is an extension of your vibrational energy. For me, it becomes extremely important since I work from home. So I decided to actively engage my skills at amping up the energy for my new surroundings.

What's my solution?

I am going to go romance the h#ll out of my apartment.

Yup, you read that right, I am engaging my romancing skills with every nook and corner of my new house. I want a love connection with my kitchen, my patio, my fireplace, my closet, my pantry...

It's a potent formula when you actively focus on feeling the connection with your physical space. Soon you start to feel comforted, protected and at peace. The space 'speaks to you'. And very often you will find that in this state of energy you draw inspiration and fuel creativity.

A lot of cultures have rituals and ceremonies that are specifically conducted when moving into new places or at the onset of occupying a new space. Housewarmings are popular in western cultures; where family and friends come together and bring laughter and warmth to the place. There are entire industries dedicated to the art of interior design, transforming a space to reflect energy that a person wants to feel. Many people will tell you to 'personalize your space'; it's all in the hopes of connecting to it.

Sure, if you live in a house long enough at some point it transforms into a space that gives you that familiar feeling. But I choose to actively participate in the process and CHOOSE the energy that the house will hold.

My house will become a home in no time!