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Today Is The Best Day To Come Your Way

Most times in life, we tend to focus more on yesterday's memories or on tomorrow's dreams, rather than being present in today's moments. We are too busy remembering yesterday and thinking about tomorrow that we more or less forget today. No doubt, there are several lessons to be learned and many pleasures to be gained respectively from past experiences and future expectations, but ultimately, the majority of time spent dwelling on things that happened in the past or on things yet to happen in the future is an injustice to the time that should be spent living consciously and purposefully in the present.

Indeed, there is absolutely nothing wrong with recalling good memories of yesterday or planning for a better tomorrow from time to time. But in doing so, don't get lost in the euphoria and forget that today is a new window of opportunity for you to renew and recharge your life with hope and enthusiasm. Besides, the road which leads to happiness and success untold can only be followed on this very day and not on days before or on days ahead. So instead of spending so much time recounting events of the previous day, or being anxious for the next day, embrace the present day with vigor and fervor for the hands of time to continually move in your favor.

Believe it or not, each new day including today carries along with it the promises of new possibilities and new opportunities for you to make new choices and new declarations. So even if you are not happy with what you did yesterday, today is here now for you to do something new and different. Likewise, rather than spend time worrying or wondering about what the future holds for you, use today to prepare yourself thoroughly for a more fulfilling life ahead. In any case, it's always best to live well enough for today, because even according to the late Dale Carnegie who is arguably one of the greatest minds of our time, "today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." Isn't that 100% true?

 "Never rewind yesterday or rush tomorrow to the point where you either neglect or reject today - Enjoy your day."