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How to Bite the Juicy Lemon of Life

Imagine this. A bright, yellow lemon. Under a flowing stream of water. Cool. Gleaming. You wash it off. Wrap it in a soft towel. Glistening droplets fall to the floor.

You set it on a cutting board. Next to a glass of ice.

Then you cut the lemon. See the juice pour out. Cut again. Milky yellow drops slip to the board.

You create perfect slices. Pick one up and squeeze it over the ice. Add some water. A little sugar.

Then on a whim. You take the next slice, plump with lemon juice...

And put it in your mouth.

Then you bite down. Feel the juice squirt into your mouth. So tart. Sour. Fresh. So so so so lemony tart. Wow. This is a really strong lemon. Stronger than you were expecting.

Your mouth waters. Soooo tart. Your jaw line spasms. Your face contorts. One eye closes. Your throat constricts. Holy cow. This is one sour lemon.


Is your mouth watering right now?

Why? There is no actual lemon. There is no glass of ice. You have not bitten into anything at all.

Yet you can still feel the juicy, tart reflex in your mouth.

Now ask yourself. What else am I imagining in my life? And how is that manifesting in a physical reaction?

The power of the mind.

We can taste the lemon. We can feel the sour. We can imagine our worst fears. We can rehash the latest argument. We can stew about the most recent injustice.

And it is so real. It causes so much pain. It inflicts so much damage.

Back to the lemon. In its tart juiciness. It caused quite a stir. And we can easily see how the action was imagined.

What might you imagine? How might you replace the fears, anger and angst? How might you create a new picture? A new soft breeze cooling your face under the hot sun?

Our mind is beautiful. It can free us from the dank and dark corners. Or it can guide us to bone crushing, gut wrenching sorrow and fear. So much of the time, the darkness in our life is self-generated. Like the lemon. And even when the chaos is real. Even when tangible things happen to derail, hurt or confuse us... we can still find a way to manifest joy. Or at least manifest a reprieve from pain.

You have the ability to connect to something familiar. The simplest memory. The sweetest taste. The most encompassing hug. The softest pillow. The funniest joke. The rockingest song. The deepest breath. The bluest blue. The warmest touch. The coolest pool. The most infectious laugh.

So many options to pull us from a state of... whatever. To pull us toward the juiciness of a lemon.

So whenever the pull of mire threatens to disrupt your life. Whenever your mind wanders to worry. Whenever your "what if" becomes a laundry list of potential disaster.

Stop. Get out the cutting board. Pick a lemon.

And take a big, juicy, tart, life fulfilling, oh-so-sour bite.

Add a little sugar. And let the lemonade wash away the worry. Reward yourself with a peaceful breath. And a new starting point.

Where you are free to imagine whatever will help you most.

Life can be so sweet. Take a big bite.