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Letting Go of Impatience

In any given moment, you are already walking the shortest possible path towards the manifestation of your dreams. In fact, there is nothing else than the shortest possible path existing!

So, why do many things seem to take so long to manifest?

Because you simply hold too many other contradictory thoughts about your desired outcome, or have so many doubts...

The path towards your desires is always the shortest possible one at the given moment, considering the sum of all your thoughts regarding the desired output. More rubbish inside your thoughts about the desired outcome simply produces a "bumpier" variation of the shortest path possible at the given moment. On the other hand, joyful and loving thoughts about the desired outcome will always produce a much "smoother" and shorter path.

What is impatience, then?

It is just another expression for the total sum of all the related negative feelings about the desired outcome, which are, as an effect, producing the obstacles towards it, and therefore, at the given moment making the shortest possible path a pretty long one!

What we call impatience is really just a sum of many negative feelings related to the desired outcome. Our anxiety, coming out from what we call "impatience" is, in fact, just connected with the negative, conflicting thoughts and beliefs, we still hold about the desired outcome (so then, in our subconscious mind, the it might not be as desired as we think of it at the conscious level).

But when you think about it more deeply, you will realize that impatience is an enormous gift.

It is a tremendously helpful reminder telling us that our desired outcomes still can't be manifested, because there are still too many negative feelings behind the desired outcome, which need to be let go.

So, once we let go this kind of feeling that we usually call "impatience" (it is just labeling), what we really let go, are the negative feelings and contradictory thoughts and beliefs behind the desired outcome, which hold us back from producing a different shorter path towards its fulfillment and manifestation.

Once we let go of these feelings, we will finally start experiencing peace about the desired outcome, and, as a result, we will finally know for sure that the outcome will come exactly at the right moment, through the shortest path possible. So, the feeling of impatience will simply vanish.

And once we even let go of the outcome itself, the path to its manifestation will finally be the shortest of all the shortest paths possible.

This is the paradox of life, which I believe, many of you have already experienced: Once you "give up" on the desired outcome (let it go); once you stop pushing, making any effort, all of a sudden, the desired outcome will manifest almost immediately.


Because you let it go, which is the foundation of most manifestations.

But already letting go of impatience is a huge step ahead that will definitely lead you to the shortest path possible with hardly any bumps, which, from linear thinking, will be way shorter (and faster) than the current one. Just letting go of all (or most) of the negativity behind our desired outcomes will completely change the course of events towards the manifestation of the outcome (with some additional effects, like a sudden increase of synchronicity).

Here is the letting go process for impatience:

1. In a quiet place, close your eyes and bring up all the feelings of impatience related to the desired outcome.

2. Start embracing and experiencing these feelings fully.

3. Don't try to label these feelings in any way, rationalize or analyze them. Just let them come out and experience themselves.

4. Start surrendering yourself to these feelings slowly, let them express themselves fully all over your body (or any other part where you feel them most intensively). Don't push them back; don't block them or act on them either. Just let them be in their natural way and instead, be an independent observer of them, as if they weren't even yours.

5. After a while, make a decision about letting them go once and forever, and then let them actually go and disappear.

6. Because the amount of negative feelings related to impatience can be quite often pretty intense and deep, you will probably need to repeat steps 1-5 several times.