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Off and Running in Four Easy Steps

It seems like at one point in time or another, we all talk about pursuing goals, but some of us do just that... talk. As the old saying goes "talk is cheap." And that it is! If we really have the desire to get closer to what we want to achieve in our lives and are truly committed to taking our performance to another level, it involves doing more than just talking about it. By no means do I want to imply that achievement is an easy process, but if you commit to the following four steps, I guarantee you will be "off and running" in no time and progress will soon be yours.

First, learn the art of asking yourself the right questions. The right questions are important as they will help you clarify your goal by uncovering your thoughts, perceptions, values and motivations. Questions like; what am I passionate about? What makes me feel motivated? What can I do to become more visible in my organization? What steps do I need to take to advance in my career? All these help fuel your fire and get you thinking about what it is you really want out of life.

Second, examine your life thoroughly. By answering the questions in step one, you can then establish touch points for yourself and say "this is where I want to be one year from now, three years from now and five years from now." Spend some time on this; be mindful of not only what you want but what you are willing and able to DO to get there.

Third, create a powerful image. By spending some time on step two, you can create an image of what your life looks like at the different points in time you have selected. For instance, get a clear picture of what you are doing and feeling, where you are living, where you are working, how much you are earning, who you have surrounded yourself with, what you are driving. Every picture will be unique to the individual... it doesn't matter, just take an active hand in picturing yourself already there. By creating an actual image and feel for where you yearn to be, you actively design a compelling future for yourself. The clarity of this future makes it more tangible thus motivating you to take action and get there!

Fourth, yes, stop talking and take action. The caveat is this... a distinction must be made between what you want to achieve, and what you intend to DO to actually achieve it. Goals are great, they help us visualize what we want and by doing this, we are able to place it in the cross hairs of our vision, but the DOING part is what is going to get us there and unfortunately that is the piece that gets left out most of the time. Remember "talk IS cheap." So don't get stuck there! In fact, if you are talking about your goal, catch yourself in the moment and actually challenge yourself to do something right then and there to move you closer to obtaining your goal. Talking about it can become a habit so disrupt the pattern by DOING. By setting your intention on action, you facilitate strategic movement in a specific direction and utilize motivation fueled by passion. And that my friend is what gets you well on the way to accomplishment.

Destiny by design or default... the choice is yours!