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In This Life You Make Your Own Success

There is a strong possibility that you are reading this article, expecting a miracle answer to why your dreams of "success" are still just dreams, and it might not become a reality anytime soon. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix solution to your dilemma. While you have high hopes and aspirations of some amazing future success, in the light of reality, such high hopes and aspirations will never come true magically. I have to add, that this is not to suggest, that your high hopes and aspirations will never come true at all. Some of you might be familiar with the phrase, "in this life you make your own success", and for those of you who are not, you better familiarize yourself with it pretty quickly, because it is absolutely true.

We all have dreams of a great future success, such as a better career, a loving family, a profitable business, or some personal goals. These dreams remain just that, dreams, because most of us do not bother to make an effort to make them become a reality. All too often people expect their dreams of success to somehow just happen at some point in the future, and then end up disappointed and frustrated, when nothing happens, and life just trudges along unchanged. We have to realize, that in order to achieve our dreams of success, we have to work for it.

If you are wondering right now why you have not had any success in your life, or you are just drifting through the years, hoping that "things will sort themselves out in the end", it is time to stop feeling as if life has dealt you a bad hand. Now is the time to take action and make your own success. While for some of us this new "take action" attitude might be a bit scary, you will soon come to the realization, that it is also incredibly liberating. By grasping this new reality that you have to work for that "elusive" future success, you also regain control of your own destiny. Life can be hard, tough, and often somewhat cruel. Some people seemingly land on their feet, and get all the success they could ever dream of, while others have to work so very hard to achieve a mediocre success, that pales in comparison. But, then again, that is life. Remember, life owes no one any favors. Rather than feeling sorry for yourself, and deluding yourself into thinking that some sort of invisible glass ceiling prevents you from achieving your dreams, adopt a completely new positive approach of "anything is possible if you work hard enough for it". Rather than handcuffing yourself to a safe life of little or no success, make the decision to take the action necessary, and work towards your life goals, dreams and aspirations. You quickly will be on the road to a better, more successful life, full of satisfaction and joyous achievements. So, what are you waiting for? It is time for you to take the reins of your life, work hard, and make your own success.

Your imagination gives you the power to find the means you require to design the life of your dreams. Keep your focus on the desired outcome, your dream lifestyle. The road to your destination will not be a straight line, like logic would suggest, but a series of zigs and zags. It is your imagination that will lead you anywhere you want to go. Dare to dream big, and follow your dreams in order to make the best out of your life.