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The Secret Ingredient of Success No One Ever Told You About

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Success as the world defines it, has many ingredients and sure-shot recipes and by now, given the number of articles and books we have been subjected to on the same topic, we should have memorized them by heart if not already. To name a few in the list we have hard-work topping the charts, followed by determination, courage, learning from failure, the fabled 10,000 hours of practice, and persistence to name a few. Yet, despite all the constituents, there is something more to it. Something which is most often over-looked, something which marks the initiation of that success or rather puts the person towards the fabled path.

Kafka had it, Hanuman too and, so did Adele. Yet the world does not know them. This secret is nothing but the person, who perhaps, has more faith in the achiever of the success even before he or she begins to think about success. In Kafka's case it was his friend, Max Brod who collected his writings and forced publish them even after being instructed to burn them by the author himself. Had it not been for him, the world would have never seen Kafka as it sees now. In Hanuman's case it was Jamvantam, who made Hanuman realize his immense capabilities and encouraged him to fly across the ocean to search for Sita in Lanka, when he had all forgotten about it. In Adele's case, despite the obvious talent she has, it was her friend who posted her demo on MySpace before she was given a contract.

Self-doubt grips everyone at sometime in life. At that time, no matter how much passion or talent or faith you have in your abilities, you stand still until that one person gives you that fabled push in the right direction. There is no denying the capability of the person who went on to take their fair share in the limelight and success showered on them, but had it not been for that one link, that one push which they needed at the time their faith in themselves was low, the world would have not known them. It can be anyone, a friend, mother, lover, wife, daughter, or a sister heck even your dog who sees into your soul. So while everyone is busy tucking off their fabled 10,000 hours off the list, do make time to invest in real people who know you and your abilities even before you do.