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How to Be Your Own Caretaker

What is well-being?

It is a state of complete coordination of both your mind and your body. It is that time in life when you become neither too happy with things nor too sad; everything is in proportion. If something bad has happened to you, you are able to put it into perspective and separate logic from emotions and make rational decisions. You do not feel peer pressure or the need to mould yourself to be accepted by everyone. That means you are contented with where you stand in life. Well-being also implies you know what you want in life and you keep pushing yourself towards it.

Sometimes, we all face a lot of difficulty in staying in this one state because there are a lot of forces outside of us that act in ways which shake our foundation. But once you have achieved well-being, your goal should become its enhancement.

What do I mean by enhanced well-being? I mean strengthening your foundation such that lesser and lesser external forces affect you without your permission. A state from where, bringing you down becomes difficult because you have now found ways to stand there in peace and tranquility.

Let's look at some ways through which our well-being can be enhanced -

Connectivity - you can learn the most from people around you. By connecting with new people every now and then you see how their lives have unfolded and all the kinds of difficulties and happy days they have seen. Such people are the best teachers for you if you want to be better at achieving tranquility both of mind and body.

Indulge in activities - by constantly exposing yourself to activities that nurture your mind you will keep yourself busy and learn a lot. By being active you can create positive effects for your brain. If some of your activities include physical exertion it is good for your body and will keep it healthy and in shape. One added advantage of these activities is that you meet a lot of new people.

Curiosity - it doesn't always kill the cat. Sometimes, in fact more often than not, curiosity is a good trait to have. It makes you question everything in life therefore not accepting anything on its face value. There will be a lot of in depth learning. Curiosity will help you de-centre yourself from notions given to you by the society and it will help you make decisions for yourself.

Be a learner - even after school and college get over, learning never stops. In fact, the actual learning starts after you leave college and start the real life. You have to always remain open to learning new things, be it a skill or a language or even about people and their lives. By being a learner you give yourself the opportunity to look at things in an innovate way at all times.

Be a giver - the enhancement of your well-being isn't just about your own growth and development but also about those around you. Growth is mutually beneficial because if you grow and contribute to those around you, they will contribute to your growth in return, in their own unique way.

Be kind to yourself - we often tend to be harsh on ourselves, give ourselves deadlines, be the perfect daughter, father, mother, wife, employee etc.. However in that rush we forget to be the perfect version of ourselves. It's OK if you miss out on a few things, its OK if you don't go out to meet your family & friends when you're not upto it. It's really OK to Love yourself first.