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Regretting About Past Failures

The wind blows furiously, tearing down leaves from trees. At times, seas roar uncontrollably that they spill over causing floods. Mother Nature takes over showing us we don't always choose everything that happens to us. In spite of our strengths, we fall at times having little power to make right thing happens. The past doesn't determine the future ahead of us, only if we let it. Therefore, we can't be hard on ourselves. We are to understand that how far we have been on the journey before having regrets of past failures.

We are human beings, mistakes are part of our lives. Not everyone always makes the best decisions in a certain point in their lives. Remember nothing lasts forever so live it up, take chances and never have regrets because everything you have done was exactly what you wanted at that time. Whether, it was the wrong job you chose at that time, today is a new day to start afresh. Mistakes are part of our lives. They only make us better in learning what's best. Tomorrow is not guaranteed so make the most of Today. We cannot change our past so therefore it is best we let go of it and keep moving. Life is too short regretting about failures of yesterday.

Acknowledging the failures of yesterday and decide to accept mistakes that have taken place in order to move on the past, choose to learn from it. Each failure is a fundamental opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. Learn to address the cause of failure to be. We become better individuals as we identify the cause of failures as it will help us to see through the matter. Feeling disappointed is normal in life but if we focus on the disappointments we become negative individuals. It will mean we can't move forward to having the life we want to. Keeping a negative mindset will hinder a lot of future success. We are to adopt positive thinking patterns to help us move from blaming ourselves or others. A positive mind will help us to set realistic goals to make after acknowledging the failures of yesterday.

You are to forgive yourself for the failures of yesterday. Life is too short to keep regretting about the past. Take chances in life, knowing you can explore more than what you are capable of. Get out of your comfortable zone. Have no regrets in taking chance in your life.