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How To Get Past Roadblocks and Overwhelm

If you are really stuck in a zone, it might take you a little bit for something to come to you, but stay at it. For example, if you are struggling to get more traffic to your website, maybe you will come up with something new to test out, or think of someone you can ask who will give you good advice - someone who is successfully doing what you need to accomplish.

Go through this process more than once, and give yourself some options. Once you have those options, you must take action. Give yourself a deadline when you will complete those actions, and keep repeating the process.

Don't let excuses keep you from taking that action and meeting the deadline you have set for yourself.

Keep reminding yourself this is possible! There will always be problems - no matter who you are and how successful you become. You get one problem solved, and another one comes up. Go back to the first step of asking what you can do about it and then take action.

Focus on one strategy at a time to get to your goal. Create your goal, write it down and then focus all of your energy on that one goal until you reach it. This will help you from becoming overwhelmed.

Write out in detail each step you will take to get you there. Write every piece out and schedule it into your calendar. This 2-step process of writing it down and actually adding it to your calendar will dramatically increase your odds!

Commit to it just like you would any other appointment, because this is your life! This is a very simple, yet effective process. Once you clear your mind of all the clutter and information coming at you, you will see a clear focus.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Join the many others who feel the same way. Feeling overwhelmed comes when you are trying to absorb all the new information you are learning at once. It is not necessarily about absorbing it all, but centering specifically on what you need to focus on and break down into actionable steps.

The cure to overwhelm is to 'get it out'. If you are taking in a certain amount of information, get it out by taking action with that information. Nobody has the time to learn everything, so stay focused and take put into the action what you are learning each step of the way.