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Allowing Others to Control You

It is a horrific crime against yourself to allow other people to dictate how you live, think, and feel. When you allow people to do this you have surrendered your freedom of person to them. You feel anxious and nervous and even angry when you are around people. You become a shut-in. You see days and nights passing that could have been well spent outdoors, but you opt to remain in a self-imposed bondage because you allow people to make you feel uncomfortable.

When you allow other people to rule you your creative abilities are squandered. You know that you need to network in order to accomplish your goals and dreams but you start getting a headache when the prospect of encountering people is before you. You tell yourself that you will settle down and relax, but it takes little to nothing to cause you to be tense and edgy when you are among the fold. You have become a willing slave to a flock of unknowns.

Today I live. Today I die. Life is that fragile and brief. When you allow people to influence how you feel you have jumped aboard a roller-coaster that is completely out of your control. With your permission, strangers have filtered into your body and are making you ill. You feel depressed. You feel agitated. You feel soiled and dirty. You are what non-entities want you to be. You are their willing vassal to do with you as they please. The moment has come and gone. Birth, aging, and then death, and you have not lived a single second of it because you have permitted vandals to rule over you.

When you allow people to dictate your thinking you have sealed yourself within a tight vacuum. You have drastically restricted the amount of fresh air that you have to breathe. Positive thinking desperately struggles to overcome the negative thought patterns that you have allowed people to plague you with. Your thinking is the core that makes you, you.

When you give away your individual thinking you become a carcass riddled with nothing. You are now a fake and a fraud pretending to be a self-contained human being. The pigs and the chickens walk all over you. Your brain cells are drying up and dying because you are allowing non-essentials to employ them.

It is a horrific crime against yourself to allow other people to dictate how you live, think, and feel. This consumption will destroy you if you allow it to. It is not an easy task to overcome this mindset when you have given it permission to infiltrate you. You have to look beyond yourself because your self-consciousness is the big foot that is kicking you in the rear and giving wanderers command and control over you.

Take a stand for yourself. Ignore the ignorable. Step briskly within the rays of you. Do not allow polluters to defile you and do not corrupt yourself by being what others will have you to be.