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Leaders: If You Want To Get It Done, CLOSE The Deal!

Nearly every candidate running for office, and almost all individuals, serving in positions of leadership, claim to have the answers, or at least some of them. No matter how great an idea or plan may be (and few have no flaws or gaps), one's plan never moves forward, in a meaningful, significant manner, until, and unless, someone become a real leader, and takes steps, to CLOSE the deal. When does a plan transform from merely being empty rhetoric or promises, to realistic solutions? It's not when it's introduced, no matter how great the idea is! It is also not during a campaign, speech, etc. Rather, only when a leader, focuses on solutions and results, and takes the steps necessary, to create, develop, articulate objectives, needs, priorities, concerns, etc, and motivate others, introducing both a well-considered strategic, and action plan, does there become a path towards achievement. Therefore, capable leaders realize they must sell their approach, and get others to buy in, and thus move forward towards closing the deal, and getting things achieved.

1. Cooperative; creative: While negativism may attract similar individuals, it rarely develops sustainable solutions! Great leaders seek a cooperative, unifying approach, continuously explaining, how only when individuals work together, for the common good, are solutions achieved. Beware of the risk of boring others by using the same-old, same-old approaches and words, but use a creative, positive system, to get others to agree, and buy into your agenda, adopting it, as their own!

2. Listen; learn; lead: Empathetic leaders listen carefully to what their stakeholders feel important, and are concerned with. They pursue priorities, which address these needs and concerns. Why else would others listen, and follow? They continuously learn from everything they do, and observe. If you want others to care and do more, then you must lead by example.

3. Options; opportunities: Don't rule out an option, merely because you may not have initially thought of it! Consider viable alternatives, analyze the pros, cons and ramifications, and be prepared to take advantage of opportunities, as they present themselves.

4. Sustainable system; strengths: We each possess certain areas of strength, as well as weakness. A great leader uses his strengths properly, while addressing his weaknesses, by escaping from his comfort zone, and asking others to join in the effort. Doing so, one enhances the probability of developing and building a relevant, sustainable system.

5. Empathy; example; earn; elicit: Listen effectively, and see things through the eyes of those you serve, so you can be perceived, as an empathetic, caring leader! Never ask anyone to something you won't do, and set an example by your attitude, actions and behavior. Earn respect by your deeds, and show you deserve to be listened to! Elicit a desirable response, because you communicate properly, etc.

Just like in selling, there's no deal, in leadership, unless, and until, you CLOSE. You have to actually ask, or you won't get a response!,-CLOSE-The-Deal!&id=9454356