Manifestation miracle

Fear and Empowerment

Each moment is a choice. Each unfolding is a moment of empowerment in which we get to select who and what we are in relation to a given circumstance.

Because of this, each moment is a gift. Each situation, even painful ones, are opportunities to select who we wish to be in that moment. We can be kind, we can be strong, we can be love in motion, kindness in action or, or can choose to spread pain, cause despair and destroy.

Are you afraid? Then you have a wonderful opportunity to experience being brave. Do you feel under valued? Then you have a chance to choose again, to move forward and assert your worth in a way that helps not only yourself, but others as well.

Who you choose to be over a lifetime creates the person you experience as yourself underneath and beyond the trappings of events and personalities you are in relation to.

When you are overwhelmed or afraid, ask yourself who you want to be in relation to those feelings. Do not hide or suppress your emotions, but rather seek to understand and come to terms with them. This is the deep work of the soul and it is not easy. Truthfully, a strange mixture of fear, love, old thought patterns and emotions can lay at the heart of many of our deepest struggles.

I, to be brutally honest, have often been afraid that I am simply not good enough to do this or that. At times I have had to calm myself, telling myself it is okay and let go anyway, prying my fingers off of the ledge and allowing myself to fall backwards into the hands of All That Is.

Maybe you struggle too. Maybe you feel less than. Maybe you are like the tiny bird that longs to fly higher but are afraid the skies are just too dark, the winds too strong or that your wings were not meant to soar.

If so, I say this: let go.

In the end it does not matter how far you soar, only that you tried. You are not ON a journey, you ARE the journey. It is okay to fail. It is okay to fall, but it is not okay to allow your fear to beat you into a corner and prevent you from trying. Choose something else.

That does not mean you suppress your fear, but rather that you seek to learn why you feel as you do. Listen to your fears as you would a child. Talk to them and then gently sit them down.

Tell them you see them, but you must move forward with or without them. They may cry. They may scream. They may tell you that you are worthless.

Duly noted. Now fly anyway. It is always and ever your choice that matters.