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How You Can Get Lucky in Life With These Three Tips!

When you say someone is lucky, what do you usually mean by that? Do you mean that person has anything he could ever want? That he's living the life and making the most out of it? That he just keeps going at his goals, achieving them, and getting more opportunities thrown at him?

Basically, yes, that is what people often mean when they express how lucky someone is.

Most of the time the words 'Wow, he's so lucky!' also come out with a tone of amazement, and sometimes even longing. When people see how lucky someone is, they start wondering if luck is ever going to come their way too.

The answer? YES, luck can and will come to you eventually, but you have to put a little effort into attracting luck in your life! To help you with this, below are a few tips on how you can get lucky in life:

According to a number of behavioural scientists, there are two types of people. People who think that 'world happens to them', and those who think that 'they happen to the world'. The former group thinks that things just happen, and they can't do much about it. On the other hand, the latter group thinks that they are responsible for the things that happen. In other words, the first group just lets luck happen, the second makes their own luck. Guess which ones tend to get luckier in their lives? The ones who sit around and wait? Or the ones who get off their butts and look for it? The answer should be obvious, so get up, and look for your luck!
Shane Sorensen, an author at Make Your Best Self states that the chances of winning an Olympic gold medal are around 1-662,000. Obviously, those are pretty big odds, but remember Michael Phelps? Remember how he won not just one gold medal, but eight? You can probably say that Phelps is one of the luckiest men alive, beating the 1-662,000 odds eight times! However, despite beating those amazing odds, we can't say this was the work of pure luck alone. How exactly was Phelps able to pull off eight Olympic Games and win the gold medal in all of them? The answer is through practice and hard work! As Thomas Jefferson, an American historical figure once said, 'I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.' If you want to get lucky, if you want to get that promotion, or if you want to get a date with a girl you like, work hard for it!
Reader's Digest writer Richard Wiseman did a series of experiments dealing with people's thoughts and behaviour, and how it affected his participants' luck. He measured how lucky they thought they were through a questionnaire, and instructed them on what lucky people usually do. Wiseman told participants to break their routines and try something different, to be more open towards opportunities, and having the 'things could've been worse' mindset whenever bad luck would strike. In over one month, he indicated in his study that 80% of his participants not only became luckier, but happier and more satisfied with their lives! The bottom line? Practise a more positive outlook in life and learn to change things up a bit when your life becomes routine-ish!
I know that all the people around me who believe they are lucky, always are. My best friend and I grew up with different backgrounds. Her parents were positive with no fear and therefore embedded this into my friend's brain.

My parents on the other hand (not intentionally) were always worrying about the future and looked at it like everything was difficult, that they were cursed, and therefore embedded this into our minds from a young age. We began to feel 'unlucky' and therefore went through a lot of these so called unlucky experiences.

Some of these unlucky experiences, of course, allowed us to open our wings and grow, but I believe we could have made things easier if we had dropped the fear and hardship from our belief patterns to begin with.

Therefore, it's important you keep what you learned here in mind in your attempt to become luckier in life. In general, always remember to keep your heads up, and learn to shrug off and deal with bad luck more positively!!&id=9343884