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Playing Your Future Forward: A Technique to Keep Your Motivation Red-Hot

New Years is the time people are ready to wipe their slates clean and delve into possibilities. Dreams are re-examined and quite a few are turned into goals for that year. Even though one-third of the population throw aside their resolutions by February, weight loss tops the list of resolutions each year.

Weight loss can be difficult. People overeat for many different reasons--anywhere from emotional comfort to instant gratification. The process is a slow one which also requires you establish additional habits to support your weight loss other than just cutting back on eating. The quality of food, exercise and mental shifts are preferable companions in the process.

Intellectually, your "why" to losing the weight is straight forward. You know your cholesterol is high, you're a borderline diabetic, your internist has insisted you lose weight and you agree. You are aware you huff and puff after short walks, Yes, you are less agile.

Additionally, your self-confidence has plummeted as pounds creep along your frame. Looking into your closet is embarrassing because there are three different wardrobes in it---one for your regular frame, one for your sweltering one, and a wardrobe for the you that is three sizes your normal weight.

You agree with your wife that the fifty pounds might cause further disease. She asked you a poignant question, "Will you be able to see your children grow up?" Ouch. You got it.

As a result, beginning the program is easy, however, following through when emotions run high, and you've worked hard that week at losing weight and there is no noticeable move of the needle on the scale can deflate even the most enthusiastic dieter.

What do you do when you find your motivation waffling? When you are tempted to go back to old habits how do you persevere with your program?

Whether it is weight loss, or meeting the deadline of a project or staying focused in a job search, many of my clients have found this key helpful in keeping their motivation red-hot.

Play your future forward in a positive vein.

Visualize through your five senses what your future will look like in two years if you lose the fifty pounds.

See your self and admire your flat stomach as you put on the trousers to your new suit. A rush of pride rushes though your body. Not that you need them, but you hear compliments almost everyday about your new look. Self-confidence originates from knowing you are the best self you can be. Additionally, you feel more in control of your life than you have in a long time.

You and your wife's relationship has been revitalized. You do more things together and feel more connected. In fact, you've been an inspiration to your wife. You two have taken a healthy cooking class together. You two cook dinner together. You love it. Quality, great tasting meals are the norm at your house.

Now that you have more energy you find yourself coming home from work and playing with the kids.Your heart sings when you realize you just might be around to see your children grow up. To graduate. To get married.

By the way, your internist is happy--your cholesterol is under control.

You get the idea.

Your everyday, baby step efforts towards your goals will mount, create a momentum and you will reach your greatest desires if you can hold the future before you by playing the consequences forward---- you will win.