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Spend Time With Yourself Everyday

Brian Tracy once remarked that anything that exists is already getting outdated. He calls this the Law of Obsolescence. This is why some celebrated accomplishments become outdated after sometime. It may interest you to know that some things that were discarded because they are considered outdated were celebrated in the past. The implication of this is that even the most noble and celebrated accomplishments in modern time will become outdated in the future. This is why success is said to be a process, not a destination. If you continue to celebrate what you have achieved without striving to accomplish more things, a time will come when you will have nothing to celebrate.

This is why experts are of the view that the largest room in the world is the room for improvement. The quest to ensure that there are better alternatives and substitutes for every achievement before it is outdated accounts for why the quest for success is continuous. Perhaps, scientists have the best understanding of this view. Their efforts to continuously improve and upgrade the quality of living of humanity with new innovations have led to numerous discoveries and inventions to the extent that if the greatest scientist who died a few decades ago were raised to life, he would not be able to understand, let alone explain, some of the most recent scientific and technological breakthroughs, even in his field.

One of the consequences of this is that the world gets more complex as time grows older. In the middle of this, man's attention focuses more on things outside himself. Most times, he gets so busy and distracted to the extent that he has no time to think about himself or his life because he cannot spend some time with himself alone. This is not the first time humanity is having this experience. In the ancient Greece, for instance, the advent of Socrates in the scene of philosophical speculation heralded the dawn of the golden age in the history of Western Philosophy. His goal was to make man the centre and subject of philosophical speculation, unlike the sages of his time in Athens.

In addition to the distractions that are occasioned by scientific and technological breakthroughs, an easily observable truth in contemporary time is that there are multiple tasks that compete for every individual's limited time and limited resources. As a result, many, if not most, of the tasks that stare at you cannot be performed, even when you want to do so. Responsibilities that stem from your family, friends, job, religion, society, etc are so much that they also constitute very strong sources of distractions. This is why man is continuously moving away from himself, even when he gets closer to other people. Man has continued to drift from himself in thought and action. He is preoccupied with everything but himself.

When you are (too) busy, as most people are, spending some time with yourself may be deleted from your to-do list. People try to get closer to others while they remain far away from themselves. It is very important and rewarding to spend some time alone every day. No matter how busy you are, you should endeavour to spend at least 10 minutes alone in silence every day. There are some benefits of observing this practice. The first immediate benefit is that it reliefs you of some stress and helps you enjoy a healthy life by renewing and rejuvenating you. Though sleep is a very wonderful way to renew yourself, you still need to give your mind a break when you are awake.

When you do not spend time with yourself, you wear down your mind, body, spirit and soul, thereby causing stress and disease. Spending time with yourself alone is an easy, undemanding, fast and highly effective way of calming yourself. In addition to this, it affords you the opportunity to look inward and reflect on important issues about your life in order to evolve valuable and effective solutions to them. In the absence of this practice, your perspective becomes clouded. Hence, spending time alone helps you make quality decisions on important issues about your life, especially those that shape your destiny. It also helps you to get a better focus and direction in life, thereby helping you achieve a happy life.

The most important advantage from spending time alone is, perhaps, the spiritual benefits you will derive from doing so. It makes you sensitive of the world beyond, irrespective of your religious affiliation, and also helps you to create and enjoy quality relationship with the transcendent beings (with positive powers) in the world beyond (whose helps are fundamental to your success). Whenever you feel confused, lost and need clarity in life, one of the things you should do is retreating to being alone. It may interest you to note that you may find the best answers and solutions to the greatest challenges of life you have when you spend time with yourself.