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One Square at a Time

Success! One word that divides the doer and the thinker. One word that differentiates the active and the inactive. One word that pulls a slight seam between the practice and execution. Success is by far the most significant factor which is required in every human being's resume for them to be known in the cosmos. It is a weapon employed for the eradication of the past and a tool to build the future. No progress is free, or for granted. Every single step taken in the direction of future is a consequence of success at many different points. Who wouldn't want to be successful? We all desire success; this single word has the capacity to make us dream big or to obsess us in our worst nightmares. This article is specially brought out for those who want to achieve GUARANTEED SUCCESS! I am serious! If you are among those people who wish to reach greatness and control your life; if you are ready to take discrete measures and bold actions to attain the stage of success; if you are willing to forget the present life behind you and take on a completely new journey where you won't be the same person but a totally unique leader in your field of expertise then this article is for you. However, if you are comfortable in your current self; if you are satisfied with your present stage of accomplishment; if you are content with your life and are not willing to take one stride forward in your journey then you must exit immediately! The Universe only fulfills the desires of those who need it the most! So the stage is all set! The timing is about right! Let's begin our journey to the road to success.

The levels for achieving success follow a pattern viz. Conceive, Design, Execute, Celebrate. These four stages combined make up the most successful approach in reaching your aspirations. This is also the age-old technique to get results. To obtain maximum results, one must follow the steps one at a time.

The first and foremost step in achieving success or walking down a certain path is to CONCEIVE (think of ideas) - What do you desire to achieve in life? What are your desires and dreams? Why do you wish to be the person you wish to be? You need to ask yourselves a lot of questions. You may not possess the answer yet. And so you need to search and get those answers somehow. Google your interests and look up possible related career options, speak to a friend or family for guidance and counseling, approach business people and stay updated with the latest news regarding your interests. Once you figure out the most suitable and desired passion which is made just for you - you move on to the next step.

The second step in the age-old technique constitutes of one of the essential factors in success I.e DESIGN (plan your future) once you have the lists of interests and you know the passion. Successful people know that planning is essential to success. More than you can ever imagine. You may have heard about the Six-P formula which states that "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance". Without a plan, our journey would be like a car without its driver. This process gives away necessary instructions at appropriate times to ensure that the passenger I.e we the people reach our goals safely and in time. A plan well planned will save hours of trials during the execution. It is said that the 10 to 12 minutes invested in planning would save around two hours of efforts in your execution process. This includes both the physical efforts and the mental endeavor. A clear thought and a firm action plan are the two bases for a successful journey.

The third step in the journey to achieve success is to perform the necessary work I.e EXECUTE - The third foundation of a successful journey is the act of getting the work done. You can have the best ideas; you can have the best plans, but Nothing works, unless you do the work. The act of execution marks the origin of your adventure in the physical realm. All the thinking and planning you did before will have no meaning if it is not backed up by a consistently executed schedule repeated every single day.

The final step in the age-old technique to achieve success is to reward yourself when you successfully finish the job at hand, i.e. CELEBRATE - This is the most efficient way of building up a liking towards your work or job. Let's suppose you had had a plan and you accomplished it well to get success at one point in life. Even so, the entire process wore you out and now you might feel tired and lazy enough to skip your successive tasks. To avoid this, greet yourself and reward yourself at the close of every success. Just like we feel special and cared for when we receive gifts and rewards for our work, in the same way, the inner you want regular motivation to stay in the energy level so it can deliver the best success in life. Follow this technique, one step at a time and the universe is yours...