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How to Face the Realities of Life

LIFE GOES ON! Whether you continue to look at your past or you being contended move forward, life does not halt. If you are confronted by a disaster, life will not wait for you so that you may recover. A person should try to recover himself. Life continues, either you are sorrow stricken or cherishing the happiness of life.

In the journey of life, TIME is the only companion which snubs all the worries, panics and anxieties. It is of no use to look at the past because one cannot start the new chapter of life if one continues re-reading the previous chapter of life. Time heals everything. Time is the best teacher and healer. It soothes the person. Although sometimes it seems that time will not make a difference but in reality it comforts the person. Until or unless a person will not try to change himself, the healing by time is useless for him. Life is a mingled yarn of happiness and sorrows. Happiness and sorrows complete the circle of life. So the only way to put up with all the disasters is to put your trust in GOD. GOD always listens to a person and He always responds the call of mankind. So a person should learn from the bitter experiences of the past rather than mourning over it. He should play his part faithfully on the stage of the life so that in the court of GOD, he may succeed. The realities of life are bitter but not to face such realities being a coward is not the solution of all problems because the one who tries to sleep in the bony arms of reality are the most successful ones and GOD also bestows HIS blessings upon this person so in order to please GOD, in order to make oneself honest one should be contended and satisfied with his life. The one who always moans and groans over the pathetic situations of life is not the one who wins. If life brings some gruesome circumstances on one hand, on the other hand it also offers a stage to a person to enjoy the rain of life.

Often it happens that people change, circumstances do not remain the same. Things go wrong, priorities change, perceptions change but nothing is worth stressing over. The only solution is to leave people behind, move forward and do whatever is satisfying and soul-comforting for you. You live once. Live it at its best!