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She Came And Left - Left An Indelible Impression (By Sandeep Gopinath Menon)

1. Her husband expired suddenly; she was left holding his business, and her life. He was an insurance agent. She was a housewife, who had all her needs taken care of. Suddenly she found herself alone in the wilderness, not knowing what to do, where to begin. With some amount of hand-holding, she gradually crawled up - slowly and hesitantly at first, then growing from strength to strength- a son, daughter and old parents to take care of.

Life then handed her a double blow. She lost her son to a road accident. He had gone to celebrate his friend's birthday and did not return. When I saw her, there was a trace of sadness, nothing more-truly a strong-willed woman. To all mothers of the world, my salutations to you.

2. The gentleman who survived being shipwrecked, and for weeks subsisted on toothpaste in the deep dark waters of the Pacific Ocean said, "As long as I have food to eat, and a roof over my head, I will never again complain about what I do not have. I am happy and grateful just being alive. I am grateful not being on the obituary columns of the newspapers, and being able to greet each day with a huge smile. "

Gratitude is truly the memory of the heart.

When we complain about how life has dealt us an unfair hand, the two examples enunciated above, remind us that we do not have to look far to appreciate what we are grateful for.

I am grateful for the piping hot coffee my mother brews at daybreak, the serene blissful look of my daughter in deep slumber, the encouragement my wife gives me when the going gets difficult.

We have a lot to be grateful for, a lot we take for granted which would be a luxury for some; ask the person who undergoes dialysis every other day, what he/she would give to enjoy good health, and a life free from pain and suffering.

We definitely cannot choose the cards life deals us, but we can choose how to play those cards. A simple thanks to the universe for all its blessings is all you may give. The universe does not expect too much for a chance at life, a chance to enjoy life's blessings to the maximum.

As I say this, the lady with the indomitable spirit came very early in the morning, and collected the check to renew my family's health policy. She provided a valuable service, despite the mental trauma she had undergone recently. Another lady-my mother, thought she would not have had her breakfast, as she had started from so far so early, and offered her breakfast which she gratefully and graciously accepted. The cord of empathy connected the two women together-two ladies who showed us what a wonderful world we live in.

Salutations to the indomitable spirit of the mothers and ladies of the world.

She came, she left... left an indelible impression on me, and deeply grateful for all of life's blessings.