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Power Games

Again, it seems, we're collectively going through a seismic shift. Momentous changes are happening. People are being rocked to their core. There are strong reactions on one side or another.

What the heck is going on? And what can we do about it?

There's an increase Consciousness happening. We know that. It's been happening, it continues to happen, why does it feel like such a big, frickin' deal right now?

As we each experience an expansion of our vibration coming into form, we become more sensitive and aware. Some of us are experiencing our psychic abilities going through the roof. We're having dreams that turn out to be premonitions, we're thinking of people and then they show up in our lives, we even feel more telepathic and imagine we're going nuts.

What's been happening on an unseen level is our energy bodies are being upgraded. Some try to explain this as our DNA changing. I see us going from gasoline powered to hybrid to Tesla.

We're used to gasoline power - it feels dense, it has a residue. Some of us a currently hybrids, we have moments of effortlessness, mixed with sluggishness. Fasten your seatbelts when you wake up one morning to find your vehicle is Tesla powered.

The old power games aren't working in the world. They are the familiar forms of power. Dominance and manipulation. Physical strength, and mental acuity. Material wealth. If you're a narcissistic bully billionaire, people are going to think you're very powerful. In reality, you're the least powerful of all.

However, the old powerless games aren't working, either. Resistance, victimhood, self-pity, never got you what you wanted in the first place, but are especially setting folks back now.

We've been through some powerful movements, Occupy Wall Street, that have shone light on the old paradigms, and protests seem to create change in the moment. But when you look closely at them, they are merely the opposite of what they resist. They reflect the illusion of powerlessness.

We're being called to stand up and own our power. To stand senior within our own space. To act empowered. To be our own authority.

Consciousness is infinitely powerful. And we are Consciousness. As Consciousness comes more into form, we feel our omniscience within us. Anything that isn't in alignment with our magnificence, is going to feel uncomfortable. Is going to be reflected in the world around us.

The opportunity is arising for many of us to de-energize our old power games. We're revisiting old issues that use to disempower us. It does not mean you are stepping backwards. It's a chance to behave differently with these issues.

Nothing outside of you is more powerful than you. If you admit that you are powerless over people, places, and things, it really means you have taken your focus off them. You've withdrawn your power from them. You've taken your power back from the illusion. You've reclaimed power from the story you have been playing in.

Real power, like a Tesla engine, doesn't feel loud or heavy. It is effortless, clear, and fast. It changes you, or you change yourself, instantaneously. It does not change others. They can change or not change themselves. If you perceive others changing, it's because you have shifted yourself into a reality where they are different. It's you walking off of one sound stage and onto another. The cast looks the same, but the outcome is different.

Whatever is happening in the outside world does not affect your internal power. Even if you feel powerless, even if your storyline says you have no measurements of power, as Essence you are Consciousness and therefore infinitely powerful. As Essence you transcend time and space. As Consciousness you are creating everything in your reality down to the smallest detail. Even feeling powerless.

Your body and your personality contain all sorts of beliefs and concepts that aren't true. When you bring your higher frequency into your body, it can feel like it's dying. Your concepts are dying, but you are. Things you've held onto that are lower, denser, energy, are disintegrating. It feels like your personality is falling apart when these things disappear.

When you get quiet, when you take deep breaths, you realize that what feels ungrounded, what feels unsettled, is actually immense freedom. You are bringing freedom into your life, into your storyline. It's what you're really asking for when you pray, or play with manifesting. You're asking for financial freedom, you're asking for expansion of money, or love. Consciousness is the ultimate expansion. Consciousness *is* love. Consciousness *is* abundance and prosperity. *You* are Consciousness, so you are all these things.

When you relax into your life, the things you've been asking for show up. They spontaneously happen, or you realize they've been in your life all along. You don't have to do anything, you just have to have them, appreciate, recognize, acknowledge them.

You already are all the things you want.

Stop trying to drive your life as if it's a diesel powered engine. You don't need sixteen gears to get up a steep hill. You just press a button and there you are. Actually, you just touch the point where you feel you are now, and touch the point to where you want to be, and collapse the wave between them.

It's a new way of navigating. It's a new power game.