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I AM Takes You Beyond Your Formed Self - Belief to Your Natural Higher Soul-Self

I'am sure you have heard the expression 'Our eyes are the windows to our soul.' Our soul is the perfect home to our pure and simple Spirit. As you look out from within this perfect world of spirit you will see, through your eyes this natural purity and perfection being reflected into the life you lead and the world you see. This is your real being - your real self-talk and your real self-belief. This really is the words and works of God being expressed through you from the inside out.

Over time the conditioned beliefs cover the surface of the soul and sets up layers of unreal beliefs that come between all we are. These man-made, and at times mad-mans beliefs are learned and are un-natural. They stem from our upbringing, our past experiences and our genetic hand-me-downs. The condition and quality of these beliefs will determine the quality of our thoughts, feelings, our self-talk, our self-belief, the life we live, and the world we see.

Many of these beliefs are rooted in fear and are well past their use-by-date. When these beliefs take hold, we lose touch with, and we forget who we are and our soul's purpose and potential. As we look outward from our soul we see through the layers of our belief system which cover our soul and we think what we see in our self, others, our life and our world is real. And as we believe so it becomes.

I AM the way

I AM are the most important and powerful words in the dictionary and what ever we attach to them we empower. The question is "Are you using these words to raise your self up or to put your self down?"

I AM is the highest non form of communication available to man-kind and when realised overcomes and becomes the highest form of communication through mans kindness.

Imagine I AM as the 'password' giving you access to your soul's mind and the gate-way to your real self. Every time you think or say the word I AM it sends a vibration out to your soul where it will find a match in words and works. In a so-called perfect world the response from your soul will be in the form of inspired and up-lifting communication, feelings and actions.

If, on the other hand, what can rise up if our 'home' is less in less than perfect condition, are the words and works of your lower conditioned self beliefs and self talk. As you are willing to see this negativity in a positive light, you will see it clearly as a way for you to raise your self up and you will see clearly beyond the errors of your thinking to your true and honest Self-Knowing. We call this natural energy faith or love. And as you remember 'only love is real' you can take your faith away from fear and stick it back together with love, where it belongs.

Using I AM

Begin by becoming very aware of how you are currently using I AM. Remember saying or declaring things like I am sick and tired, fed up, broke, too fat, too thin, etc. acts as a curse upon your self. This is the worse form of self-abuse you can impose upon your self. So stop it, now. I am not suggesting that you avoid or deny how you feel. I suggest that you change your language to I do tired, I do fed up, I do broke, I do anger etc. I know it doesn't make sense and that's perfect because we don't want it to make sense - we don't want it to resonate, do we? We just need for you to express how you feel, be alright with it and move on. Remember, it is not who you really are only what you do. It's a behaviour and you can undo behaviours.

If you find yourself saying those sorts of things you can follow it up by using the I AM words to emphasise how you would really like to feel. I AM is the cure. It may not work straight away or it may not last, initially. However by maintaining faith, I AM will channel through beyond your lower self-talk to your soul and recalls the perfect match from your soul. As it does, those words will become one with the works of your soul - and it is done.

The other way is to simply begin affirming that which you do want as if it is already here. I AM happy, I AM rich, I AM successful, I AM peaceful, I AM safe, I AM loved, I AM accepted and so the list goes on. You can declare something more personal or more specific if you like. The process is the same. Stay very present when you use them and listen to the responses. If there is a negative response you know that you have connected, not with your soul but with your limiting belief system. Don't judge it. This is good because now you know you have new choices. You can choose to keep those limiting beliefs alive or you can trust that as you continue to affirm that which you do want I AM will reach right inside and resurrect your soul's voice and raise you up to reach your highest potential.

You can simply say I AM over and over again. Or you can say I AM - and wait and see what it evokes in you. I found that in time I could use the words I AM, and as I waited I found that what ever was most prominent, either positive or negative, would present its self. Again this is good because it lets you know where you stand. In time, in faith and with ongoing commitment I found that by simply declaring, I AM evoked more and more of all that's good within me naturally and easily without any doubt, interruption or disruption and that goodness became my real and unique expression of life.

And remember to say Thank you and it is done.