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Make A Living And A Difference By Changing Your Thinking

In this day and age there are more opportunities to make money than there ever has been. The problem is that people don't believe this is true and never allow the money to flow. Most of this relates to psychology and people's beliefs surrounding money. The general thinking patterns surrounding money are that it's the root of all evil, it doesn't grow on trees, it's hard to earn, there's not enough of it and so on and so forth. So the real issue is that people are afraid to create money and don't see themselves worthy of receiving it. This is why so few of the world's population control so much of the world's money supply. It's because they're the only ones who believe they can and should have it. In general most people have many well thought out excuse of why they can't make money. They have given up before they have started. They label honest business pyramid schemes and then go work for dishonest companies for next to nothing while a few board members make all the money. This is the real pyramid and it's like quicksand. So the real problem has nothing to do with lack of resources or education it has to do with belief and self-doubt.

So how do we change these thinking patterns and develop belief? The answer is so stupidly simple that you might not hear it. You choose to and you believe that it can happen. The reason this is so important is because when you make the choice the universe responds to that choice. This is when you get the ideas, people, situations and circumstances to help you make money. The only reason they were not available before is because of the lack of belief. The Universe is like a big video game console and it can't give you the tools you need or take you where you want to go until you decide to press the button that gives you access to them and moves you around the game. It's no different with the universe. Your brain transmits a signal and the universe responds to what you're thinking about and believing. Armed with this knowledge you cannot only make money but you can create any reality you desire. So if you don't believe you can be, have or do something than believe something else and wait for the idea, person situation or circumstance to help you move towards your desire.

When enough people start applying this technique then it's going to start affecting other people and the world around them. This is going to cause a major shift in consciousness and start changing things on a massive scale. When one person wakes up and says to themselves that there is plenty of money in the world and believes it I can guarantee it's only a matter of time before somebody else catches that frequency and believes the same thing. After that it's like dominoes. This is why trends pick up so fast. So if you have an idea I would start to believe it will work. This will gravitate others towards it and make you clear on what to do about it. If you don't have an idea then all you have to do is ask the universe and it will give you one. Like ordering food and waiting for it to show up. So I hope you're starting to see that making money has nothing to do with how to make money but everything to do with the attitude and belief about it. I would recommend you start believing that money is good and that there is plenty of it available for you if you ever want it to come in to your life.