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Swallow Your Pride

So many problems today could be put aside if we were all a bit more humble. People are so easily offended. It's really sad. It's almost like some are just sitting around waiting for someone else to be "politically incorrect" so they can jump on the chance to show how awful people are.

I think the answer is not how to change everyone else and the way they treat you, but it is usually found within one's self. Instead of searching the people of the world over and hunting down their faults so you can accuse them of offending you, perhaps you could use the following recipe I made up just for those frustrating occasions when you feel someone has offended you.

Swallow Your Pride

If you think it's best to be drowned out

All you troubles with a drink,

Don't be easily offended

But I have the recipe - I think.

Pull out your kitchen blender

Fill it up with pride,

Add a teaspoon full of humor,

Preferably the dried.

Mix in all your selfishness,

Your self-regard and such.

Don't leave out the enmity,

Your conceit and boastfulness.

You'll need to mix it thoroughly,

Turn the blender up on high.

Pour the frothy mixture out.

And sprinkle it with "I".

You won't need to plug your nose

Before you down your drink,

Swallowing your pride

Is sweeter than you think.

So take some time, whip up a batch,

You'll soon understand why,

I recommend you drink it with

A large piece of humble pie.

Now, after you have had a nice refreshing drink, why not try to look around the world and find some really good things about people whom you think might not be acting politically correct towards you. If you don't try to change others, but instead try to accept them for who they are and their differences, then perhaps we could have a much happier world.

It seems to me that people all complain about who suffered the most, by whose hand, and for what reason. And unfortunately many are bent on revenge instead of forgiveness. We all suffer, we have all had very difficult things to go through. Everyone can find horrible abuses in their history. Sometimes we have to just let it go.

He who suffered the most please stand up for your reward. Unfortunately, whoever stands, we will always be able to find someone who has suffered more. The ultimate suffering came to the most innocent of all and yet that individual is the most forgiving. If we could all be like that, we could have a peaceful world.