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Developing Self-Inspiration

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We hate the thought of quitting when things go wrong in our lives. It makes us feel useless, powerless or impotent; we let our lives slip out of our hands: tired.

Life is tough and we find it difficult to make it easy. And for that we strive our very best to make ourselves feel better about our selves and life in general. We face many challenges in life, in occasion fail, or win: life is not easy for us.

But we are fighters in life. Life has taught us to be strong, to fight, and when everyone else has given up on us; we haven't given up on ourselves. We have become so strong in life because we have experienced in life how many left us, gave up on us, or couldn't believe in us. That is why we fight forward.

We have learned in our tough life to inspire our own selves because with the help of anyone else, who else is there to motivate us? No one but ourselves, we feel alone, but we're brave enough to grow, to believe in us, we have most of all the company of our own faith to take us on.

We learned through tough circumstances that have affected our lives made us believe life is not easy, but faith has made our lives bearable, motivate us to believe, to hold on and to strive on.

We might have periods in our lives where our thoughts are filled with doubt and giving up on ourselves! But, no we build our own selves up again, and again with self-inspiration. This is our fuel.

When we catch ourselves filled with fears of thoughts, failure and regressing in life, we remind ourselves about our faith. Faith has given us the certainty we need to keep going, to keep growing, to reach our personal destinations and overcome any challenge and bump life has given us. We do not and will never give up on us.

Our self-faith gives us the courage to fuel our thoughts when they need fire, it cleans our eyes when we see life hazy, and gives us valor when we need to change; for us faith gives us many things we are not.

Sometimes I question myself where does this inspiration come from? It's something, a thought, an energy, something difficult to articulate in our heads, but we understand it; most of all we feel it and know when it's coming. Inspiration is developed and felt from within.

Life has taught us to develop it from our failures, doubts, fears. As life gets tougher, and harder on us, we build a stronger way to overcome these obstacles. What has help us: inspiration lies within, sometimes found in other things or people. We grow it most of all internally.

You have felt it before; a sort of energy once you tap into it miraculous things happen in our lives. We feel happier, stronger, and our mood changes enough to not want to let it go. Hold on to inspiration as much as possible, because as it comes it goes.

I have learned that we build or develop this inspiration by the degree we trust ourselves in life. The stronger we believe and trust ourselves in our abilities, bodies, soul and mind the more it's availability is made.

Inspiration is self-trust: Self-faith.

Trusting my own abilities has given me more focus in life, it will do the same for you! Self-trust gives the self the ability to put it's thoughts into action. It begins to eliminate fear, doubt, un-reasonable demonized thoughts and gives the self the ability to tap into locked away sources. Inspiration is in the person all along we just need to uncover it by trusting our selves.

We start noticing how our thoughts began to change. We start taking action, and creating our thoughts into reality. Most of all we develop the belief that things will get better for us, and grow.

We have to believe in growth in order for inspiration to be given to you. We want to grow, and we will.

Self-trust in one's thoughts helps us uncover who we truly are. This inspires us to keep growing because we realize we are more powerful than we thought to believe. Inspiration transforms us into completely different persons.

As this new self starts growing in us, we become comfortable with our new selves, our true authentic self. As we get closer to that self, our trust becomes solid: stronger.

Trusting our thoughts is key. It helps us uncover a self we have hidden all this time that is more productive, positive and a better version of us. New thoughts must be born from within.

I would like to end with the following. Many of us get inspired in life by changing their thoughts, experiences etc...

However, the best thing we have in our lives is inspiration is born within, developed, learned and if you trust it; it will do wonders in your personal growth. And the only way to get there is by trusting your own thoughts completely.