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The Truth About Negative Thoughts

I have to start this article by saying loud and clear that it is OK to have negative thoughts from time to time! Everyone does. So start now to take the pressure off yourself and be kind to yourself, just for a moment. Are you already feeling better?

The most high-profile positive thinkers will have some negative thoughts and days where they wake up and feel 'blah'. They are human. The difference is that they will return more quickly to thinking positive thoughts. They will acknowledge they have become slightly off track and they will have the tools in their bag to change their feelings. You can have these tools too. But it is so important to be kind to yourself. If you are feeling less energetic today or have a negative thought or feeling, it won't help to add to that by beating yourself up for having those thoughts.

The best thing to do is to see any negative thought or feeling as a good thing. Use them as a wonderful reminder to get you back on track and allow you to think about something positive instead. You could even acknowledge them by saying 'You are not my thoughts, I am going to think about love instead.'

The most important point to note is to not beat yourself up for having a negative thought or start comparing yourself to others. Acknowledge the thought, think about something you love and voila, you will be back on track!

It is worthwhile to have a mental list of positive places, things or events that can help you to feel good instantly. Close your eyes and think about your favourite beach, friend or memory. Or it might be something you do, like taking yourself off to your happy place, a garden, cafe or meditation room. Or go and grab your favourite sandwich or coffee and cake. Do whatever it takes to help make yourself feel better. Even if it means it has a few extra calories in it!

It might be you want to meditate, say a mantra, do some yoga, eat a cake (a big chocolate cream cake, I mean a piece of the cake, maybe not the whole thing!) Or you might want to read an inspirational article, blog or listen to some music. You might want to dance round the room! Do anything that makes you feel good and makes you feel more positive.

So start being kind to yourself going forward. It's OK to have a negative thought, it is your reminder to get back on track and feel good!