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Exploring The Mindset

Human beings, either consciously or subconsciously, drift in the areas of mindset to explore its potentials. It is the inquisitive nature of human beings to evaluate the values attached to the mindset. Intriguing, because it is the human nature to probe the unknown and explore. Thereby, it generates interest, which becomes curious to understand its values. An important point we generally ignore is the face value of the person or situation in any given environment. The perception is either deceptive or factual is subject to influences we experience. Here, the volatility and stability are directly proportional to the experience of person and maturity. It means the variation of opinion to existing situation is the prove of evaluation between the two extremes.

Carol S Dweck, a world's renowned leading researchers within the field of motivation says, "I have always been moved by the outstanding achievements and saddened by wasted potentials."

The growth of mindset is achieved by simple ideas we experience in our daily life. We haul rich dividends when we exploit opportunities that knock at the door of people. If we ignore them, then we face disaster and repentance follows reminding the guilt. This is the typical scenario of being thankful or ungrateful to chances or openings made available to us.

When we examine our activities prior to unwinding the day; it points towards simplicity, unequivocally. Hence, every simple idea has a potential, thereby, oozing valuable information benefiting human society. What we need is to explore the potentials and conserved them for appropriate occasions to achieve success. It means we are arranging building blocks appropriately as and when opportunities arise. This particular formulation is the path of developing mindset. It means growth in the right direction with simple ideology should be the criteria.

Another important aspect of mindset appropriately explained by Carol Dweck is specified in the following lines. She said, "why it's not just our abilities and talent that bring us success-but whether we approach them with a fixed or growth mindset; why praising intelligence and ability doesn't foster self-esteem and lead to accomplishment, but may actually jeopardize a success?" It is, therefore, important to bear in mind that factuality and reality should be the yardstick to any achievement. It is the comparison between the dormant realities and appreciation of achievement. Implanting the procedure under appropriate guidelines within the parameters of mindset leads to growth to achieve dramatic results.

It is interesting to note that the above explanation is the outcome of growth and potentials of mindset. It is both subjective and objective, besides, analytical and progressive within the frame of simple ideas. It is undesirable to praise intelligence and abilities in any given situations. Whereas, it is proactive when dormant ideas get to catapult when opportunities are exploited.

There is another angle to our mindset's potential affecting children in school or in their early learning period. Prior to the children going to school, parents should inculcate principles and values in them. It is important to teach and encourage them to follow positive thoughts with confidence and convictions. It will set the rhythm of mindset on the right track. Their personalities will improve self-confidence and lay strong foundation of mind development. This can be achieved if we realize the importance of truth and honesty. Truth is the root cause of all good deeds propelling development of mind to a pinnacle of clarity and peace.

We can sum up the simple yet extremely important aspects of mindset, which are based on truth, honesty and positive attitude. These are the building blocks of personality and mind development leading to be a perfect human being. It will create a domain that will reflect a powerful and effective environment benefiting the society.