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Listening To Your Unconscious Mind

I'd like you to discover how your unconscious mind communicates with you.

If you think your physical manifestations are by chance, then you may be surprised to find out that you are being given messages that are worth paying attention to. Messages that your unconscious mind is telling you to pay attention.

Let me ask you something. Have you ever wondered and stopped to think about why we have our physical symptoms like aches and pains in the body or why we're overweight or underweight? These things that manifest in our body, why we get anxious for no logical reason. You have headaches or are always stressed, whatever it is.

You see, all these things are just symptoms of stress. The signs of physical, psychological and emotional stress that manifests in the body. We need natural stress to protect us from real danger, so crossing the road, you need to get out of the way for cars coming, but when it's overworking, when the unconscious mind perceives danger, it starts overreacting even though the situation might not need it.

Common signs and symptoms of stress are aches and pains in the body, headaches, digestive, respiratory problems, anxiety. They're just the basics, then there's a lot of sub branches of those things. These things aren't normal. A lot of people think they're normal. Aches and pains in the body aren't normal. There's actually two types of pain that we need to recognize. One of them is really good.

If you bang your head on the cupboard or if you bang your shin on a tow bar and it really hurts, that's the sort of pain you want because it's telling you, "Hey, be careful. Watch where you're moving. There's things there that are dangerous." That happens very rarely, but most of the pain, the other sort of pain that most people are living with daily like back pain or neck and shoulder pain, a lot of people think this is just normal. It's not normal. It's common.

So, what's the difference between normal and common? It's common because a lot of people have it, but what's normal is people's refusal to do simple things to address the problem. They don't want to do what's necessary to live without the pain; they don't want to do stretching. When you start doing a bit of stretching every day, maybe some meditation, dietary things, you can take a lot of things into account. You can actually eliminate or really significantly reduce pain.

The same things apply if we're overweight or underweight, and both of those things are an issue. We sort of have a range with all of those things. We can tolerate so much, but we don't want to let them get too far out of whack. If you're putting on a few kilos every time you look in the mirror, you're getting a sign to stop eating so much. What does all this mean? See, your unconscious mind doesn't talk in English like I'm talking to you now. It doesn't talk in any specific language. It gives you signals that manifest in your physical body.

So next time you look in the mirror or feel aches and pains or unwarranted anxiety know that your unconscious mind is communicating with you. Take notice and you are in an empowering position to make changes.

When would NOW be a good time to listen to your unconscious communication?