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A Positive Mental Attitude Affects Results, What Gives Us a Positive Mental Attitude?

When we start a home-based business, especially one that is on the internet, we need to have a positive mental attitude that will affect our results. That's the most important thing we can have. But what we do is we go to all the gurus that promise us big results fast and we forget about how a positive mental attitude affects results.

I know how you feel. You want results in your business so much that you will do anything you can to get what you want. I have spent over $50,000 and five years doing just that. I went to internet guru after internet guru to find something that gave me big results. I believe that some of these tactics and shinny objects might really have worked if I had the right mental attitude to get the results that they promised.

Nothing you try works without the right positive mental attitude that affects results. I didn't get that until I did some real work on myself. I listened to CD's, went to seminars, and even joined Toastmasters in an attempt to remake myself. You know what, it worked! I was able to remake myself. It's all about programming your mind. We are programmed from the time we are born. It all starts with our parents. Then it continues with our peers and our teachers. By the time we leave home we are programmed a certain way.

I was programmed to believe I wasn't worth anything and I didn't have anything to give anyone. I came from a very abusive background. If I can be reprogrammed you can be reprogrammed. It all depends on what you put into your mind. You can't control your thoughts. They are like a two year old running around with no discipline. But you can control what you put into your mind. If you want a positive mental attitude that affects results you need to watch what you put into your mind. All the negative junk that you hear on the news, on Facebook, and around the water cooler isn't helping. You need to read books that are positive, listen to positive CD's, and meditate on them.

A positive attitude is the best way to affect the results you get. We are what we think. I reprogrammed my mind to think I was someone that had something to give the world. Now I am seeing positive results in my business and my life. You can have the same results in your life is you develop a positive attitude.