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Presence Of Mind Makes The Difference In Life

Experience and expertise alone shape our life, but they are born from the sheer hard work. Mere possession of money cannot guarantee growth and happiness. With the application of knowledge and presence of mind, anyone can become successful and popular. Innovations inspire the world while the inabilities spread the gloom. Paucity of ideas and the absence of mind are the real reasons behind most of the problems that we face in our life. Here, the real-life incidents are narrated to elicit the significance of the presence of mind in facing the problems head on.

When you are held up in a traffic jam on the way to your office, you feel frustrated and start grumbling about the poor traffic management, the apathy of the people creating chaos through all sorts of agitation and rallies, and the suspension of vehicular movement awaiting a minister's transit. The whole intolerance is out of our late start from home to attend the office. In the above muddle, we forget to be cool and find any alternative routes to reach the destination. A cool-headed person tends to pull out his cell phone and inform the office about the traffic arrest and the possible late attendance.

A bus driver deviated from the regular route and took the alternate way over the bridge after noticing the red signal and traffic congestion at the road junction ahead. He not only saved the time but everything including the fuel. The passengers behind him did not fail to appreciate his presence of mind and swift action.

The whole classroom was attentive as the math professor was busy teaching the steps in the differential calculus. However, some whispers kept distracting him. Unable to bear, he suddenly turned and asked the two students in the back bench, "Any doubts you have." Immediately, one of them replied, 'Sir, the plus symbol is missing in the first line of the equation." The lecturer corrected his mistake without any fuss and continued the session. Actually, the students were discussing the ensuing vacation.

A major accident was averted in India with many lives saved due to the presence of mind and timely action of a poor woman. She noticed a crack in the rail line and a train chugging towards her from a distance. Sensing the impending danger, she tore off a large portion of the old saree that she wore, and waved in the air by holding up it in her hands by running in the direction of the approaching train. The engine driver understood the situation and slowly stopped his machine. Everyone appreciated and thanked the woman who later became the subject matter of many newspapers and magazines.

People with the presence of mind generally succeed in all their endeavors in life.