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Goal-Setting It Forward

As you progress to move in forward motion, it's good to do so at the top of your year to help seize seal the success of it. Most of society has built the stigma of starting the year on a high note only to thwart it by small diversions. For what's easy to do is also easy not to do.

There is a mass of information on personal development and self-motivation out there, but the true fulfillment of it lays in what you can do for yourself, personally. Yes, the self-motivation and development move is very helpful to the building of man. Many lives have gone on to success because of it. But, what if you could build achievement for you? What if you could strategically take a step by step pattern and create the paramount of a successful year?

One of the ways that you can do this is by consciously concentrating your mind through goal-setting. Yes, I know that goals are predominantly talked about when it comes to building success. Goals are needed when it comes to success in any noteworthy endeavor, but conscientiously setting goals can help you to make the most of your year.

In a study there was a contrast between people who set goals vs. people who were told to "just do your best." Let's examine the mindset of both persons.

A person who is told "just do your best" can take a shallow approach to achieving anything that is worth accomplishing. To reach their target this person can develop a "by any means necessary" pattern of thinking. Strategy, how-to, or planned pursuit may not be factors considered. The mindset is, "I have a target to reach so it really doesn't matter how I reach it. As long as I just do my best is all that really matters." And this is a pattern of thinking that is displayed too in the workplace. It doesn't matter how we reach it as long as we do our best.

Now, let's look at the person who set goals to reach and accomplish what's necessary to hit their target in grand fashion. This person says in order for me to get from exhibit A to exhibit G there is going to have to be a plan for this. I need to design a step by step plan that will not only help me get to exhibit G, but to get there in a timely manner as quick and efficiently as possible.

So the person sets three goals for himself. Goal 1 is to shoulder up, hold head straight, lock my eyes on my target, and don't stop until I get there. Goal 2 is to not allow myself to get lackadaisical and be distracted by every trivial thing that comes across my path. Goal 3 is to stay focused on my end target - exhibit G.

Here are two people who will have two different attitudes about reaching their target. One will have a passive mind that says, "Yeah I have a target to reach, but as long as I do my best that's all that matters." The other one will have a determined mind that says, "I know I have this target to reach so if I set some goals and pace myself in a timely efficient manner I will succeed in reaching my target."

What about you and your goal-setting for a successful and productive year? Challenging goals lead you to a better performance level than passive, nonchalant ones. Goals that challenge you to go above and beyond yourself push you to progress and do what's necessary to see that you reach your target.

As you move forward in this year make goal-setting a tool that you archive in your arsenal for a great year-end achievement.