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Do You Need Special Skills to Produce Breakthroughs?

When many people produce breakthroughs, others provide logical after the fact explanations. They say things like luck, right place right time, genetics, inheritance, special skills, etc. Is this a fact?

Because many people believe in the special skills theory, they give up on breakthroughs for themselves. They settle for the incremental improvements, which appear attainable. The quantum leap seems elusive without luck, genetics, large inheritance or some special personality. However, if you look at some of the titans of the past, you will see they were regular people and no different than everyone else.

Steve Jobs talks about this topic in an interview. He said something like, when people realize that everything that has been created was created from nothing by someone no smarter than you, you will realize you have the same power to create.

Furthermore, if you consider people who run companies that are larger than any in history, you see there was no way they could have been educated to run an enterprise that size. It never existed. Therefore, it would be impossible to design training for it. If you take it a step further, you see no one is really qualified to produce a result in the future that has never been done. Yet it happens.

With that said, who is qualified to produce breakthroughs? Everyone and no one! If according to Jobs, everyone is, is there a way to train your mind to see possibilities that are beyond normal everyday thinking?

It is possible to train your mind to intentionally produce breakthroughs. An example would be the following: Tell me what you think.