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Ruining Obstacles With Laughter

I'm sure everyone knows how annoying obstacles can be. Especially when you feel really motivated and excited and an obstacle comes and knocks you down. But are Obstacles really all that bad?

I mean sure, they are obstructing you from achieving what you want and getting your work done, but is there a good side to obstacles too?

According to the Law of Opposites, there's a good and a bad in every situation, which includes obstacles. So how do we start seeing the brighter side of these pesky things called obstacles? Well, here's an example.

The other day I was at school and during break, I had some free time so I decided to use my phone to get some work done. As I was trying to maximize my time, which is kinda new to me, something odd happened.

A bee randomly flew onto my knee. Since I didn't notice that it was a bee because I was busy trying to do my work, I subconsciously put my hand over my knee sensing something was there. The bee, which in its defense probably panicked, stung me! I've never been stung by a bee before so I didn't actually know what to do. And I was also in pain which added to my regular blur state.

Luckily for me, my sister was with me and she helped me get things sorted out. It took the rest of break for me to get my bee stung hand treated and so I didn't get to finish the work I was doing. You would think that the fact that a bee randomly flew near me and stung me would have been a really huge obstacle; which in turn should make me really annoyed.

But even though I wasn't exactly happy with the bee at that moment, I thought that the whole situation was extremely hilarious. I remembered that one of the things that our Old- Subconscious Mind does in order to regain its strength is that it tries to make you frustrated. And the perfect way to make me frustrated would be to send an obstacle that would prevent me from finishing my stuff.

Instead, by laughing at the whole thing, the chances are you won't get so stressed about the whole thing easily. You'd feel a lot better about the whole thing; and also laughing is the perfect tool to make a serious situation seem like nothing big. Then you can easily move on from the obstacle light-heartedly.

But the story didn't end there. After about an hour the swelling from the bee sting began to slowly spread across my hand. I needed to go to the clinic to see if I was okay. Apparently, I was mildly allergic to bees and so I needed an injection and some medicine. I also needed to go home because the swelling hand made my whole hand bloat up and the injection was making me sleepy.

Again, this would seem like a major obstacle. If you weren't feeling well, you couldn't work on your goals, could you?

Well, actually you can. Even though I knew my Subconscious was trying to make me stress out about not doing my work, I stole a few minutes here and there to work on my things. A few minutes while I was on the way to the clinic and back from it as well, a few minutes in the waiting room, a couple of minutes before I fell asleep on the journey home; I found all these small opportunities to finish my work.

In a way, I wouldn't have had the experience and those extra minutes of doing my work if the obstacle hadn't arose in the first place. An obstacle isn't a bad thing, it's the way you react or respond to the obstacle which makes it good or bad.

So in the end, the person who actually creates the obstacles are you. You can choose to turn it into whatever you want. You could even choose to laugh the whole thing off if you wanted. Or you could choose to be sad and emo about the obstacles you face every day. In the end, your choice and perception about the obstacle is actually the real obstacle in disguise.