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The Realistic Attitude

The most powerful thing for good or bad we can have, is an attitude. A good attitude that searches for the good in everything is realistic. Seeing evil in all things and projecting pessimistic evil onto everything is not. Indeed, the above two statements after my first sentence could simply be seen as a simple opinion, but as I will explain, reality as well as learning from experiences and understanding is simply an attitude. As fear and hate are attitudes of reality, so are love and understanding. Attitudes in reality are not just perceptions. They are the determination of what our lives are made of.

Once I compared the lives of Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Thomas Carlyle, two men with the same philosophy with opposite approaches to it as case in point. Emerson saw life harmoniously from within himself, Carlyle saw life as a giant mess we have to clean up from the outside. If you read their works and biographies, their lives reflect these realities. Of course, in the end, Emerson is better known and better understood than Carlyle generally because of the approach of Emerson that agrees with my own in that attitude determines what happens with a life good or bad and that determining reality for yourself makes it so from the inside out, not the outside in.

In short, and in reality, our attitude is our power or our weakness.

Proper confidence is the best, but, arrogance, fearful boasting, overconfidence or under confidence is the worst, because either way that is wrong, abilities are not seen realistically or in a balanced way that works to make success.

Sober, honest reality is where it is at because of its import to genuine, lasting success that works. Indeed, it does not go to the one with the natural ability without work ethic, but to the one who persists and makes perfect and makes ideal in the face of everything. Real failure is only letting yourself down by quitting too soon anyhow or even fearing to genuinely attempt or persist until you do achieve. Real success is indeed the opposite combined with a realistic balanced approach with that persistence and perseverance that makes the "special person" what they make themselves.

Genuine weakness and corruption are just an excuse, and start with a bad attitude. Sure, that is a blunt statement. But, consider this reality: A good attitude and virtue are always chosen by yourself also and that also starts with an attitude too. The attitude is where it starts and it all starts nowhere else.